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The Art of the Raft
If you can’t yet afford a ClackaCraft Drift Boat, or even a fine pontoon, an improvised raft is one way to access areas beyond the reach of bank anglers. There are clear advantages and disadvantages. In short, the advantages are greater flexibility, compared to a drift boat, in where you launch and take out; ease of storage and transport; the ability to easily cover summer water where a drift boat will drag; and smaller rafts can be carried on upriver trails. Disadvantages may be holes from ...
Category: Tackle  Date: 9/4/2016  Author: Scott T. Starbuck
5 Five Star Lakes & Streams
The fishing in Washington State is legendary. Brook trout, cutthroat and rainbows are plentiful in many of Washington’s Lakes because these fish are adaptable and prolific in their spawning. But sometimes they’re too prolific; this is termed “uncontrolled reproduction” and is something that happens in many of the high lakes. Such dense populations affect the fish themselves, so fishermen; the WDFW encourages a more liberal harvest in such areas. For us that mean healthier fish and a lot of extr...
Category: General  Date: 9/4/2016  Author: Jai Colvin & Will Jukes for Anglers Club Magazine
September Reactionary Bites
Night temperatures are falling and that’s a sure sign that fall is just around the corner. It also means that fishing for Kokanee and landlocked Chinook is coming to an end. On a positive note, September, is a month when you can catch some of your biggest fish of the year; catching these big fish can be a challenge. Like all Salmon, these fish are reaching the end of their life cycle. They are no longer feeding and they are only concerned with one thing and that’s spawning. This of course, pres...
Category: Tackle  Date: 9/4/2016  Author: Gary Miralles for Macks Lure
Fall Fishing For Trout
As I write this I hear the first of the fall rains hitting the roof. Normally this would cause me to make sure my coho river fishing gear is all in order and ready to go. This year, unfortunately, many of my normal fall salmon fishing locations are closed in order to protect the low forecasted return of coho.My plan instead is to get back to trout fishing. Before I got into salmon fishing, I’d fish for trout year round. Fall can be an excellent time for trout – the combination of coolin...
Category: Trout  Date: 9/4/2016  Author: Nathan Nesbit of
Alpine Kokanee Trifecta
There’s an Alpine Kokanee Trifecta that is often over-looked compared to the more well-known and popular kokanee fisheries. What if I told you that within an hour and a quarter of traffic-free driving from Seattle you could enjoy pristine Alpine lake fishing with little to no other boats on the water and have the chance to catch generous limits of kokanee every time out? No way you say? It’s true and waiting for you. But a little planning and tempering of expectations is required. These fisheri...
Category: Lakes  Date: 9/1/2016  Author: Mike Carey
Making Sense of Scents
We had been fishing a deep run on one of my favorite fall rivers for Chinook. I knew there were fish here as every once in a while a king would come up and roll on the edge of the seam. The year before we had fished this same river and learned a valuable lesson, which was the Chinook preferred our cured eggs with a small piece of sand shrimp tail. Knowing this we stopped off at our relied upon gas station a few miles from the river and found the bait fridge empty of the much needed sand shrimp....
Category: Tackle  Date: 9/1/2016  Author: Jason Brooks
Hook More Fish
Many anglers with expensive gear in the right place and time leave fishless because they haven’t learned or practiced finer points of Pacific Northwest fishing. Below are suggestions.Use a New-ish File and Sharp HookWorn or rusty files work, but not as well, and they take away valuable fishing time. A new file can turn a hook from dull to razor in a few strokes.A related issue happens when an angler snags, even temporarily, and fails to check the hook point. With a magnifying gla...
Category: General  Date: 7/31/2016  Author: Scott T. Starbuck
How to Catch Perch
Here in the Pacific Northwest it seems like salmon and steelhead get all the glory. I've only met a few people who fish for yellow perch, and many of them talk about it in whispers - like they are afraid to admit it in public.However, perch fishing can be a lot of fun, and they are quite tasty. It is a great way to get kids into fishing. In this article I'll go cover everything you need to know to go out and catch tons of perch.This article is focused on fishing from a boat, but much o...
Category: General  Date: 7/31/2016  Author: Nathan Nesbit of
Steelhead/Salmon Bass Lures
It’s a wonderment to me how someone comes up with a lure design for fishing, especially some of the salmon and steelhead baits. Pink worms, black jigs, orange plugs, rubber hoochies, and so on makes me think that some junior college dropout drank too much beer one night with his high school buddies and soon they were playing pranks on each other while fishing the next morning. “Hey Joe, try this pink worm, trust me, steelhead will bite it…” a snicker by the helpful prankster just before Joe’s r...
Category: Tackle  Date: 7/29/2016  Author: Jason Brooks
Promise Keeper Spinner
I decided to try something a little different fishing this spring. Usually, I’ll use a wide variety of lures to catch trout and bass from the lakes I visit from April into June but this year I decided to use one “Go-To” lure. My choice, the Mack’s Lure Promise Keeper® Spinner. It’s long been a favorite of mine fishing alpine lakes in the Cascade Mountains during the summer months. The slim profile allows me to cast it further than similar sized spinners and the Smile Blade® spins at very slow s...
Category: Tackle  Date: 7/26/2016  Author: John Kruse
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