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Locals Only
In many places it is common to discover “locals only” spots where anglers live down the road or at least in the nearby river town. When I find these rare gems at the peak of salmon or steelhead runs, I have found it is best to ask, “Where do you want me to fish?” which translates into “Where can I cast without bothering you?” If you are fishing in Washington, and the Dick Butkus-looking guy says “Nebraska,” that is a bad sign. If his friend says “Up in the parking lot [where there is no ...
Category: Rivers  Date: 7/29/2015  Author: Scott Starbuck
Puyallup River Pinks
(A rundown of the best bank areas)My father was visiting from out of town for the weekend several years back and I suggested that we go fishing. My oldest son Adam, who was only five back then, was excited at this suggestion as well. So the three of us went down to the Puyallup River which is only a few minutes from my house since the Pinks were running. At the riverbank my father put on his waders and began asking me about Adam who was putting on his size 3 hip boots, the smallest size I c...
Category: Rivers  Date: 7/28/2015  Author: Jason Brooks
Safe Fish Release
There are distinct advantages to the open shank double hook on the SBF including quick hook changes and increased hook-ups. As with any open shank double, or treble hooks, it is extremely important not to open the tight contact between the shanks. When releasing fish, especially hooked on a double hook, both hooks must be engaged at the same time to prevent damage to the hook, especially its shank-to-shank contact! At times, this may be difficult with a thrashing fish. Almost always, pliers...
Category: General  Date: 7/24/2015  Author: Pete Rosko for The Mack Attack
July Fishing Opportunities
Kokanee fishing continues to be good at Lake Chelan, so don’t think that you have missed out for this year. Our area streams are already in fishing shape, and now is the time to try them. I have been spending some of my hot summer days on Lake Chelan, still in pursuit of kokanee. There is still a good cluster of boats chasing these fish, and they are moving further and further down below Rocky Point. On my last trip I started just above the Chelan Shores condos. We started the day with...
Category: General  Date: 6/30/2015  Author: Dave Graybill
July's Summer Salmon
As summer heats up so does the salmon fishing. There is something about July, almost like a preview of what is yet to come in the next three to four months. This summer it’s all about Chinook, Coho, Sockeye and Pinks and to kick it off here is a rundown of July’s top fisheries, the places to go, the fish to catch and the gear to use. Westport has been open for over a month now but it started off really slow and very few fish being caught. A few weeks later and things are starting to turn ar...
Category: General  Date: 6/30/2015  Author: Jason Brooks
Lake Sutherland Kokanee
Imagine a kokanee lake where you can consistently catch 13-15” beautiful fat, shiny kokanee and not have one single other trolling angler around you for three straight days. And it’s only two hours away (plus 30 minute ferry ride). That’s Lake Sutherland, and this weekend JoAnn and I and our dogs Diesel and Rudy were in kokanee heaven. I was honestly surprised. I know it’s off the beaten path, but not that far away. I’m here to tell you, if you’re looking for a destination 2-3 day get-away, you...
Category: Lakes  Date: 6/26/2015  Author: Mike Carey
Unlocking Hayden Lake Kokanee
Evolution is a key to our survival in the human race, so fishing is no different. Often times, many anglers will find a way of fishing to produce more fish. They will always use the same rod and reel, the same type of line, as well as the same lures. I grew up fishing with a bobber, a couple of split shot weights, a worm and a hook to catch my fish. Times are changing however. I was recently afforded the opportunity to attend the North Idaho Sportsmen’s Expo, located in Coeur D’ Alene, Idah...
Category: Lakes  Date: 6/25/2015  Author: Lance Merz
Skagit River Sockeye
I am going to cover one of my favorite new fisheries, Skagit River Sockeye. Last year was my first time targeting these salt fresh fish, and I am now addicted to put it lightly. These Sockeye are hours from the salt water and really put up a tussle on Steelhead gear. Another awesome thing about this fishery is that it gives the shore bound angler a great chance to tangle with a Sockeye. There is some great bank access in the towns of Mount Vernon and Burlington, and although it may be crowded, ...
Category: Rivers  Date: 6/16/2015  Author: Zach McGlothern
Puget Sound Cutthroat Flyfishing
Stepping out of my car into the cool, salt tinted air of a late spring morning along the shores of Puget Sound, my eyes are greeted by the hills of Whidbey Island back lit with the rose glow of a swift sunrise under the stark gray of a distant cloud bank. My ears are greeted with the intermixed melodies of a myriad of song birds in the trees behind me and the frantic splashing of schools of bait fish desperately trying to escape some unseen attacker in the depths below. The timing of the tides ...
Category: Saltwater  Date: 6/2/2015  Author: Alex W.
Central Washington Fishing Options
If you are an active angler, you just have to love this area. There are so many great options any time of year, and last week I had a blast exploring some of them. I caught everything from kokanee to rainbow to largemouth bass, and even spring salmon! My fishing buddy Rollie Schmitten and I finally found a couple of free days on our calendars and I took him up to Buffalo Lake, on the Colville Indian Reservation. This scenic lake is just ten miles from the town of Coulee Dam, but it gets...
Category: General  Date: 5/25/2015  Author: Dave Graybill
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