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Here you will find one of the most in-depth collection of stories and articles related to fishing on the web. Click on the Featured Writer links to access their articles. You can also use the Category drop-down to view articles by categories. Finally, you can use the "Search Articles" function to find specifc topics of interest. Articles go back over ten years.
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Go Trolling For Friends
I happened to be down at the dock when an older guy eased his boat into one of the slots and tied up. “How they bitin’”? I asked. “I got a couple,” he said, “but they were so darn small I didn’t even know they were on until I reeled in to check on my bait. I’m gonna run up to the store and get sumthin’ to eat and then go back out again.” I watched as this senior citizen began putting his tackle in order. He had obviously been trolling for trout. As soon as I got a look at the spinners he had be...
Category: Tackle  Date: 11/29/2015  Author: Stan Fagerstrom for The Mack Attack
Anglers Gift Guide
If you are like me and love to fish there always seems to be something we can add to our tackle box. Unfortunately there are family and friends of mine who don’t fish and end up getting me something that they think is “fishing” related for the Holidays and thought I would be ecstatic over my gift. Little do they know, a tie in the shape of a trout, a talking rubber bass that sings “Take me down to the river” or a giant lure as a throw pillow is not a good gift for a true angler. The thought is ...
Category: Tackle  Date: 11/29/2015  Author: Jason Brooks
Think Outside the Tackle Box
As a charter captain, I caught sea bass on uninflated balloons. Yellow worked best, but I caught them on all colors. In those days, we bought yarn by the bolt in yarn shops, and mauve worked great for shrimp flies. An ice cream scoop made it easy to clean fish, and laundry baskets kept fish organized by who caught them. Currently, I use my wife’s wedding ring crappie fishing. This involves a little fibbing by telling her I am getting it cleaned, which I am, sort of, if you count pond water...
Category: Stories  Date: 11/28/2015  Author: Scott T. Starbuck
Monster Rainbow Trout
One thing is certain. Anglers have been pulling huge rainbow trout from the North Fork of Idaho’s Clearwater River, even fish that easily smash the 20 pound state record for rainbow trout. But none have counted — mainly because any trout over 20 inches has to be released — and because no one seems completely certain just what these fish are.A rainbow trout is a rainbow trout, right? Maybe, except when it’s a steelhead, a hatchery triploid, a native rainbow, or a Kamloops – all of which a...
Category: Bass  Date: 11/28/2015  Author: Robert Deen for Anglers Club Magazine
Color Cycling for Steelhead
We've all seen the daily progression of the winter steelhead fishery, anglers bellying up to the combat-line at 06:00, knowing well the morning bite doesn't begin until the temperature rise, sometimes as late as 11:00. The fish tucked beneath the surface are too lethargic from the cold, or simply dislike what you're presenting, leaning heavily towards the former. Hopefully sooner than later, the morning bite begins, and the first 5 are yarded in on # 15 Maxima and bonked faster than you can squ...
Category: Rivers  Date: 11/28/2015  Author: Ryan Hung
Catching Steelhead on Flies
Some say catching a steelhead on a fly takes 1,000 casts. Unfortunately for the novice, one says if the 1,000 casts are using swinging techniques or nymphing. When I first started fishing for steelhead I was 100% swinging. After many casts and no fish, I hired a guide and fished a small river nymphing only, using my spey rod. The two handed rod was the only one I had that was suitable, but awkward. I caught 5 nice chrome fish, kept one hatchery fish and called my friends to come for dinne...
Category: Rivers  Date: 10/31/2015  Author: Larry Dunbar for
If You Don't Know - Ask!
Since I’ve been working here at Mack’s Lure, I’ve learned a lot to be sure. I’ve often talked with many anglers who have told me that what I’ve learned in my short time here, many anglers have taken a lifetime to learn. It’s an extreme learning curve that I absolutely love and can’t get enough of. As many anglers, I have an arsenals of rods and reels (and tackle) that fits for a particular type of fishing. The point of the matter is, I’m still learning. I have a long way to go; some days w...
Category: General  Date: 10/31/2015  Author: Lance Merz
Combat Fishing
Relatively few can afford to fish alone in remote prime watersheds. This leaves anglers with two options: 1) spend years to find rare gems closer to home, or 2) combat fish in crowds. This article shows proven-effective ways to thrive in, or at least survive, your local combat fishery.Be Weird to Drive Away Anglers Point at the sky and say, “Man, did you see that? Another UFO. Wait! They are communicating with me. “ Close your eyes and hum like a broken blender that wants to ...
Category: Stories  Date: 10/30/2015  Author: Scott T Starbuck
Steelhead Unwilling to Bite?
Back in the 90's, steelheading was a different ball game. Techniques included swinging spoons through the tail out or dredging the bottom with lead, corky and bait. It was more of a tie, cast, tie, tie and hopefully a "fish on" would echo down the combat the line after a day's cumulative effort and sore hands from practice. In contrast, the modern pursuit of steelhead is much loftier; though we have fewer fish to work with alongside a growing crowd to combat, we possess more than adequate gear ...
Category: Rivers  Date: 10/30/2015  Author: Ryan Hung
November Chums
Chum salmon are very aggressive fish and thankfully they are also plentiful in Puget Sound. As they near their natal streams and rivers the fish quickly turn from silver sided to the green and purple striped beast with large protruding teeth that will viciously attack just about everything you throw at them. Their size is second only to the Chinook and even then the Chum can reach over twenty pounds. Their size and willingness to bite makes them one of my favorite salmon to fish. Just about...
Category: General  Date: 10/30/2015  Author: Jason Brooks
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