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NWFR Cast & Blast Adventure
We’re excited to announce a fantastic Northwest Fishing Reports adventure available to members only!Last year we did a “Cast and Blast” trip with Shelby Ross of Ross Outdoor Adventures on the Potholes Reservoir. Well, Shelby and Mar Don Resort have come up with a great package deal that we are offering to our NWFR members only. Even better, we’ll be filming this adventure for NWFR so participants may be part of a future video.Here are the details:We arrive at Mar Don Sunday, Octobe...
Category: Lakes  Date: 10/6/2016  Author: Mike Carey
Steelhead Hardware Primer
With each cast I let the green Stee-Lee swing a little lower through the tailout. When the spoon wobbled through the area where I expected the strike to come I tensed, but I still wasn’t ready for it. The rod bucked and plunged, and the fish tried hard to run out of the hole, stopping just short.The big, wild steelhead had inhaled the lure, but I had switched the treble hooks out for a single hook, so I released the big hen without hurting her. Category: Tackle  Date: 10/1/2016  Author: By Terry Otto for Anglers Club Magazine
The Things I've Learned
During this past fishing season, I believe that I’ve grown not only as a person, but as an angler, as well. As we are all aware, each season changes, whether it’s as subtle as a different color change, or as substantial as a different lure that works all together. Either way, we must remain fluid in regards to our local Departments of Fish & Wildlife with their projected forecasts and/or stocking reports. In this past season, I’ve fished for Kokanee, Trout, Walleye, Salmon, Steelhead, Sturgeon,...
Category: General  Date: 10/1/2016  Author: Lance Merz for The Mack Attack
Coho River Fishing Primer
The coho are returning back to the rivers and with better than expected returns the WDFW has opened a few rivers. We hope this trend continues with more fish returning and more opportunities for recreational fishing.Whenever and wherever you will be fishing for coho it is good to be prepared, so you can maximize your catching when out on the water.This primer is an excerpt from my full length guide for coho salmon river fishing, which is on GoneFishingNW.comAbout CohoCoho sa...
Category: Rivers  Date: 10/1/2016  Author: Nathan Nesbit of GoneFishingNW.com
Kings of Fall
Alder trees lined the riverbank with their white trunks and the green leaves long ago turned golden yellow as summer’s warm afternoons have faded to the crisp cooling days. The orange colored bobber top a stark contrast from the dark colored waters reflecting the cloudy sky above. Just then the float disappeared and I set the hook hard. A Chinook dove deep and fought hard; it was then that I truly felt that fall had arrived and so had the Kings. Category: Rivers  Date: 10/1/2016  Author: Jason Brooks
Hover Fishing 101
Each year the Northwest Fishing Reports Crew gathers at Maryhill, Washington, on the Columbia River as part of Ed Iman’s Fish Camp. Fish Camp is an annual event put on by Ed that brings together outdoor gear manufacturers, media, and guides. We have an opportunity to go fish with product reps to try out the latest new innovations that will be coming to stores and online to sport anglers. It’s a fun event and one we look forward to immensely. The weather for the week could not have been nice...
Category: Rivers  Date: 10/1/2016  Author: Mike Carey
The Art of the Raft
If you can’t yet afford a ClackaCraft Drift Boat, or even a fine pontoon, an improvised raft is one way to access areas beyond the reach of bank anglers. There are clear advantages and disadvantages. In short, the advantages are greater flexibility, compared to a drift boat, in where you launch and take out; ease of storage and transport; the ability to easily cover summer water where a drift boat will drag; and smaller rafts can be carried on upriver trails. Disadvantages may be holes from ...
Category: Tackle  Date: 9/4/2016  Author: Scott T. Starbuck
5 Five Star Lakes & Streams
The fishing in Washington State is legendary. Brook trout, cutthroat and rainbows are plentiful in many of Washington’s Lakes because these fish are adaptable and prolific in their spawning. But sometimes they’re too prolific; this is termed “uncontrolled reproduction” and is something that happens in many of the high lakes. Such dense populations affect the fish themselves, so fishermen; the WDFW encourages a more liberal harvest in such areas. For us that mean healthier fish and a lot of extr...
Category: General  Date: 9/4/2016  Author: Jai Colvin & Will Jukes for Anglers Club Magazine
September Reactionary Bites
Night temperatures are falling and that’s a sure sign that fall is just around the corner. It also means that fishing for Kokanee and landlocked Chinook is coming to an end. On a positive note, September, is a month when you can catch some of your biggest fish of the year; catching these big fish can be a challenge. Like all Salmon, these fish are reaching the end of their life cycle. They are no longer feeding and they are only concerned with one thing and that’s spawning. This of course, pres...
Category: Tackle  Date: 9/4/2016  Author: Gary Miralles for Macks Lure
Fall Fishing For Trout
As I write this I hear the first of the fall rains hitting the roof. Normally this would cause me to make sure my coho river fishing gear is all in order and ready to go. This year, unfortunately, many of my normal fall salmon fishing locations are closed in order to protect the low forecasted return of coho.My plan instead is to get back to trout fishing. Before I got into salmon fishing, I’d fish for trout year round. Fall can be an excellent time for trout – the combination of coolin...
Category: Trout  Date: 9/4/2016  Author: Nathan Nesbit of GoneFishingNW.com
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