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WA Marine Fishing Spots
Washington State offers it all in the way of fishing, and it truly doesn’t matter if you prefer lakes, rivers, or the coast. While Washington lakes and rivers are often the most celebrated fishing venues, the marine waters of Washington offers an exciting brand of fishing that people from all over the world travel to partake in. Recently we were asked where the best spots to go for spectacular Washington marine fishing. Upon doing some research the list is long, so we decided to split our sug...
Category: Saltwater  Date: 2/3/2017  Author: Jai Colvin for Anglers Club Magazine
Secrets Hurt Our Fisheries
We can agree that our fish are in trouble. Every year we witness another set of disappointments. If it’s not another early closure, or reduced catch, or some other concession, we are losing the battle to improve our fisheries. I dare say, we are losing our fisheries altogether.As we spoke to hundreds of citizens at the recent Sportsmen show in Puyallup, one thing became very clear. A good many sportsmen are really not aware of how our fisheries are managed.The 1974 Boldt Decision spl...
Category: General  Date: 2/3/2017  Author: Greg Larson
Winter Bass Fishing
Don’t put your rods away during the winter. The bass will still be biting, and it is one of the best times of the year to catch a trophy fish. A different approach is required during this season, but preparation and knowing fish behavior will ensure that you are able to catch bass all year long.Safety and PreparationOne of the most important strategies for winter bass fishing has nothing to do with fishing. Depending on where you live, the water can be anywhere from cold to dange...
Category: Bass  Date: 2/2/2017  Author: Tyler Brinks for
Bank Bound Success
Bank bound anglers have to watch boats go by, and as one of those formally stuck on the bank, I often thought about how I need to get a boat to become more “successful” on the water. For years I stood on the banks, hiked along the trails and stood on boulders just knowing that I could catch more fish if I just had a boat. Finally, after getting a drift boat and learning how to navigate rivers I was the one who now floated by, trying to be polite, and not fishing the waters where the bankies wer...
Category: Rivers  Date: 2/2/2017  Author: Jason Brooks
Clearwater Winter Steelhead
Winter steelheading runs in the DNA of anglers in the Pacific Northwest. Anglers know that later winter steelheading affords the opportunity to catch truly trophy sized steelhead. Nowhere is this truer than on the Clearwater River in Idaho.The Clearwater River runs 75 miles long in north central Idaho. It flows westward from the Bitterroot Mountains and joins the Snake River. The Snake River in turn joins the Columbia River. What all this means to Pacific Northwest anglers is that steelhead...
Category: Rivers  Date: 1/31/2017  Author: Mike Carey
January Kokanee
Kokanee are a hard fighting, finicky, and tasty landlocked salmon highly sought after by anglers. Throw in the mix of a lake that is fifty-five miles long, up to 1,400 feet deep and dead of winter in January and most anglers agree kokanee would be great but head for other lakes and other fish waiting until the kokanee can be patterned easier. “Most anglers” doesn’t include Jeff Witkowski, guide for Darrell and Dad’s Family Guide Service (509-687-0709) on Lake Chelan, as he started searching for...
Category: Lakes  Date: 12/30/2016  Author: Jason Brooks
Jig Fishing For Bass
No lure is more versatile for bass fishing than the skirted jig. The jig-head with a rubber skirt combination has been around for years, and it continues to catch bass across all seasons and anywhere bass swim. Over the years, jigs have evolved and become more specialized, which has only added to their effectiveness. In this article, we will cover the major categories of jigs, the gear needed, how to fish them, and some modifications that enable you to get the most out of these lures.Gea...
Category: Bass  Date: 12/29/2016  Author: Tyler Brinks for
Winter Burbot on L.Roosevelt
When the weather gets cold, and I mean cold, and the launch is iced over,and the eyelets on your pole are frozen, it’s prime time for fishingburbot.Burbot are a type of fresh water ling cod that have a catfish type head and serpent like body. Burbot have a single barb under the chin similar to a catfish. We have caught burbot from as early as mid-November through late February, depending on water temperatures and water levels. They need frigid water to spawn and are considered broadcast...
Category: Lakes  Date: 12/29/2016  Author: Craig Dowdy
Lake Sammamish Winter Cutts
Lake Sammamish in Washington’s King County is an often over-looked urban fishery. The lake is better known for its outstanding smallmouth bass fishing. However, come winter those in the know will brave winter conditions to target the lake’s unique cutthroat trout fishery. Action can be off the charts if you are fortunate enough to find the fish. While the cutthroat are not as big in neighboring Lake Washington, Lake Sammamish can put out some excellent catch numbers. Let’s look closer into this...
Category: Lakes  Date: 12/29/2016  Author: Mike Carey
Ice Fishing Techniques
Ice fishing is an unbelievably fun time out on the (frozen) water, and you can wind up with some serious fish as well. We will take a look at some of the gear, techniques and safety concerns of standing on ice and then fishing through a hole you have cut in it. Then Debbie Kay will explore using GPS and bathymetric maps to improve your success.The equipment required is multi – tiered, as you can get started for a very small amount, or you can go full on with many different updated items an...
Category: Lakes  Date: 12/29/2016  Author: Sean Obrien and Debbie Kay for Anglers Club
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