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by Rob Holman, March 02, 2017

Since 1997, first as WashingtonLakes.com and its sister sites for Oregon, Idaho and beyond and recently as Northwest Fishing Reports, Digital Anglers has been focused on providing up to date information on northwest sport fishing opportunities while providing a place for people to share everything they want to about the sport they love. With a large membership and loyal following, Northwest Fishing Reports embarked on a journey to share this approach with a larger audience on broadcast television.

Season one of Northwest Fishing Reports TV features locations and fisheries from around the northwest. Each show has at least two separate adventures, and is loaded with tips and techniques. The idea is to concentrate the best of the NWFR adventures into 28 minutes of action packed fun, and information. Episodes may have saltwater trolling in the first half, with bass fishing in the second half.

“The idea is to show the variety of options in northwest sport fishing and have something for every angler. We also have included short segments called “Tips and Trails” that cover lesser known or out of the way spots,” Northwest Fishing Reports founder Mike Carey said. “We fish around the northwest and I love to share some of the highlights.”
Top local guides are featured at many locations and discuss their tactics and techniques. Guides cover everything from the tackle they use, to the size of baits and some even offer tips on casting or planer boards. Each show is different.

“There’s been a learning curve, but I think we’re putting together a good show now. Season one got progressively better as we worked through things and we’ve got a commitment for a second season so we must be doing okay,” Carey said.

David Lockhert of Northwest Broadcasting who operates the FOX affiliate in Spokane agrees. “We have been really pleased with the show and have been happy to have it,” Lockhert said. “It’s quality local programming, and people can see it and do it. The shows are not something out of reach for viewers, like some shows that are all about fishing in Florida or something. We feel it’s got a good audience following it and it’s time to expand.”

David is referring to Northwest Fishing Reports TV beginning to air on FOX 41 and FOX 11 in the Yakima & Tri-Cities TV markets this Spring. Currently the show airs Saturday afternoons on FOX 28, which broadcasts to most of eastern Washington, North Idaho, Western Montana, and parts of Oregon. Nearly 1 million households in Canada receive FOX 28 as well. Season two on FOX 28 will start this Fall.

“We’ve started filming season two already. It’s a lot of fun, and I think we’ll have some great content for audiences,” Carey said.
Since it began airing, Northwest Fishing Reports has received several inquiries from Seattle and Portland area members asking how they can watch the shows. That’s where the Outdoor Channels “MyOutdoorTV” streaming platform comes in. MOTV is like a Netflix for outdoor programming and the first 9 episodes of Northwest Fishing Reports TV joined the family in mid-February. MOTV subscribers can stream full episodes, commercial free, and even download them for later viewing.
New subscribers that use the code “NWFR” receive their first month for just 99 cents – a great way to binge view the shows. NWFR has plans to provide additional and exclusive content to MOTV over the year as well. To use the code, visit the website: http://bit.ly/2jEXCgd. This will confirm the offer code and get you going. Plans for additional broadcast distribution are in the works and we’ll keep you posted on what’s next.

Season One Shows:

Episode 1: Klickitat River Drift & Ilwaco Ocean Salmon
Episode 2: Brewster Sockeye Mania & Catfishin’ on the Palouse
Episode 3: Clearwater Steelhead & Neah Bay Bottomfish
Episode 4: Potholes Cast and Blast & Winter Steelhead
Episode 5: Columbia Fall Kings & Pateros Steelhead
Episode 6: Trolling for BC Bottomfish & Banks Lake Walleye
Episode 7: BC Halibut & Lake Chelan Winter Kokanee
Episode 8: BC Salmon & Bass Bed Fishing
Episode 9: Hanford Hawgs & Wicked Black Rock
Episode 10: Lake Coeur D’Alene Landlocked Kings & Lake Washington CoHo
Episode 11: Roosevelt Kokanee & Cowlitz B Run Steelhead
Episode 12: Hell’s Canyon Steelhead & Lake Wenatchee Sockeye
Episode 13: Washington Albacore & Roosevelt Rainbows


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