Suggestions for mid-Sept fly fishing in Puget Sound

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Suggestions for mid-Sept fly fishing in Puget Sound

Post by kyamukun » Sat May 18, 2019 6:03 am

I'm planning a fishing trip in September to the Sound. I used to live in Renton but moved to TX. I try to make a trip back every year to salmon fish but usually gear. This time I'd like to add a couple of fly fishing outings.

When I lived in WA I didn’t do much fly fishing, but now I almost exclusively fly fish. I’d like to do some coho or pink fishing on the fly and also rainbows and cutthroat. I’m hoping to hit the Sky for coho and pinks (if they’re in), but don’t know good locations for trout.

Can anyone provide good suggestions for locations and flies for trout? I’m thinking the snoqualmie but not sure where. And if anyone has good suggestions for salmon on the fly I’d appreciate that, too!


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