Who Wants To Test My Imported LiFePO4 Batteries....

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Re: Who Wants To Test My Imported LiFePO4 Batteries....

Post by FishingFool » Tue Mar 26, 2019 12:35 pm

I just got my Dual Pro with lithium profile today. I hooked them up to the battery and it shows 100% charge and in maintenance mode....

The Dual Pro is bigger and much heavier. The power cord for plug-in is significantly shorter. I'm thinking 2' max It's also more expensive.

I since it seems the Minn Kota did fully charge the batteries, there was no point going with the Dual Pro.

I received my little 24v lightbulb today. I wired it up the batteries. I plugged 1 prong of the bulb into the positive wire terminal. I start plugging the other prong into the negative terminal and SPARK! I dropped the assembly, lol. The terminal end is a little torched. Bulb looks fine.

So yeah, In theory, this should work....Or do I need to hook up a switch to it?

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Re: Who Wants To Test My Imported LiFePO4 Batteries....

Post by johnsmith » Sat Dec 28, 2019 1:51 am

Marine batteries are connected to the trolling motors by the help of switches for a better connection, an option of turning them off when you want.The basic function of the battery switches for boats is to cut the power or make the circuit depending upon which side it is connected. There are so many varieties of the switch in the market that you may need double-check what you’re buying.

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