what opinions do you have on rod building? worth it or not?

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Re: what opinions do you have on rod building? worth it or n

Post by nwflycaster » Thu Mar 19, 2015 2:14 pm

I have built about 8 rods and will likely only build in the future rather than buy. You can buy cheap or expensive and you can build cheap or expensive. The performance you get will depend upon the components you put into it and the quality of work you put into it. It would be cheaper to get the parts and build it when compared to the same thing from a retailer. But that is only figuring the parts, you will have a lot of time in it depending upon how fancy you want to get and what you feel your time is worth.

I absolutely love to fish with a rod that I built, throwing flies that I tied, and especially doing it from a strip built sea kayak that I built. If I could make the reel and line I would do that too. As you can see I like to build things anyway. All of the rods I've made get well used either by me or whom I made them for. I turn the grips myself and did a lot of custom weave patterns and fancy wraps, I've worked a scrimshaw drawing in imitation ivory and cast a fly in it for the centerpiece of a wooden grip. They're very fun to do, and as I said before, I find it even more enjoyable catching fish using something I've made myself.
Build something easy your first time out, then when you have confidence, build another one that is maybe more complicated if you want to. You'll be surprised at how easy it actually is.
You can spend 3 - 4 hours or you can spend hundreds of hours, it's all up to you and what you want, but most of all, enjoy it.

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Re: what opinions do you have on rod building? worth it or n

Post by TyeeMatt » Thu Mar 19, 2015 2:54 pm

I built my first rod after taking a class at Greg's and because I have a float reel that wouldn't match up with any of the few brand float rods out there. I love it and it's perfect for the reel. I used a 7wt Batson switch rod blank. I think the learning process and result far outweigh the cost in my case. The skills involved in building a rod translate to other aspects of fishing as a hobby (tying flies vs. wrapping thread for example, working with epoxy, tying knots, etc.) and to echo many others, make each fishing trip all the more satisfying using your own self-built tackle. It's an expensive hobby at the get-go, but once you have the fundamental supplies you'll be paying less as you build more rods. And you'll have a killer arsenal of custom built tackle at your disposal. I can also now build rods for christmas/birthday gifts for my loved ones which they appreciate. I was never an artist or really crafty but with rod/tackle building I can always give a gift to the other fishermen in my family/social circle that I built especially for them.
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Re: what opinions do you have on rod building? worth it or n

Post by natetreat » Fri Mar 20, 2015 12:11 pm

It's as expensive or more expensive. Getting a good blank is key. I built a barrier dam springer rod out of a spey rod blank that worked great. But the reason to build is because you get to put fancy doings on it, like a really nice reel seat, or titanium guides, or wrap around guides for your downrigger rods and fancy cork on the handle. But it's not cheaper, you'll quickly find that out. I made a 5 wt that is classic and a blast for summer steelhead.

if you're going to build your own, don't skimp on prices, get the best blank for the job. North Fork Composite blanks are amazing, you can get loomis, sage and others as well. Put an awesome wooden reel seat, custom cork and titanium guides... that's why you build your own.

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