ActionDiscs for Pike & Muskie rigs

NO, it's not a muskie, but it's close...
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ActionDiscs for Pike & Muskie rigs

Post by wigglefin » Mon Apr 04, 2016 9:43 am

On the Bass board under "ActionDiscs for Soft Plastics", Mark Mills (AJ's Dad) asked me this question so I thought I would move it here.
I just checked out your website, and the added action to the soft plastic bait is very appealing to me. However. I fish primarily for Northern Pike, and I use an 80lb fluorocarbon leader. The website says your product will fit up to a 25lb test line. Any chance there is enough material to the parts that I can run a small drill bit through it to make it fit the larger diameter line? I would love to add this to my pike fishing game.

Mark Mills (AJ's Dad)


You'll want to use the #2 or #3 disc. The #2 disc is pictured with the 5" super fluke above and will accept 60 lb mono. With the fine diameter of fluorocarbon you should be able to use the #2 no problem.

Here's an example set up.

The beauty of tube flies is that you can change the characteristics of the fly by using different colored beads. Two orange beads on this fly make it look like a Perch. Alternate black and white and it looks like a Crappie etc.

I like to use sliding weights on my rigs. The fish can’t throw the weight around and rip the hook out of their mouths. I usually put the weight on my main line above a swivel.

The fly is a 5 1/2” Heavy Herring form Olympic Tackle

4/0 Big River Bait hook

80lb mono

#2 ActionDisc ( turns out 80 lb mono fits easily )

1/2 oz egg sinker

Dean Teegarden


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