Your military service...

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Re: Your military service...

Post by jonb » Tue Jun 23, 2015 6:01 pm

Usmc, mos:3381 field mess, 3rd mlg okinawa japan, clr 37, camp kinser.
hi my name is john, and I'm a fishing addict.

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Re: Your military service...

Post by cumminsbassguy » Fri Apr 01, 2016 10:16 am

Talk about the war stories.. I'll be the youngin that chimes in. Went to airforce basic in June 2010 at the ripe ol age of 17. 3 weeks after I graduated. Went in open mechanical. At the end of basic I found out I was going to be a 135 crew chief. Went to tech school in good ol Wichita falls, TX. Got here to Spokane in December 2010. Talk about a culture shock. I come from a small village (192 people spread out) in the upper part of Michigan.. So all of this was a change. Met alot of awesome people when I first got here. Went to Spain for the lybia stuff in 2011. Being 19 at the time I drank like a fish over there. Everything was so fast paced over there. 20+ jets a day goig up. Then when gadafi got waxed, everything stopped. Turned into a vacation. Went to Moses lake during the runway closure at Fairchild. Got roomed up with a stranger ( now one of my best friends) started talking about fishing. Bought my boat for my 19th birthday present to myself. Got yelled at quite a bit for having it charge in the dorm parking lot.
Got deployed to Kyrgyzstan in the fall of 2012 and got back jan 1 2013. Talk about a 3rd world country ... Got to go off base just about every day off. (First trip we took, seen an old lady squatting next to a tree taking a crap.) Seen alot of cool things that we dont have here. Met alot of interesting people. Anyway. Returned from manas, did my job. Kicked ass, bought myself my dodge for my 20th birthday present in 2013. Been home ever since. Leading the workforce as one of the ranking guys. Switches to a side shop last year.. One of the better things that's happened. I don't have as many war stories yet. But for 6 years i think I'm doing alright.. Re enlisting in a few weeks. Should be a good time

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Re: Your military service...

Post by dj2loud » Sun Oct 30, 2016 6:13 pm

Never had the ability to join the military, broken arm ( double compound fracture left arm, single compound fracture in left leg) tried to enlist in air force was denied.. Chose asbestos abatement field instead...

Thank you to all service members living or fallen here and abroad for all your service and years of dedication...

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Re: Your military service...

Post by Larry3215 » Sun Oct 30, 2016 7:54 pm

I thought I had posted here before but I guess not. US Army, 4 years, Sgt E6. I got caught in the very last draft call up and just missed going to Nam by a hair. I'll never forget sitting in a math class at Berkeley and seeing my draft number come up on the closed circuit TV in class - 13! That was about the height of the war protests and the draft was on everyones mind.

I didnt think going to Canada was the right thing to do, so I thought I would be smart and join up so I could pick my MOS. I wanted to be a pilot so went to the Airforce guys first. They said no, need a degree first and I was first year, so went ot Navy. They said the same thing, so went to the Army recruiter. He said sure thing, sign here!


Spent most of my 4 years in Columbia, SC at Ft Jackson as a mechanic on heavy equipment. Turns out all the pilot schools had been closed for over a year. Too many pilots left over from Nam :)

Ah well. I had fun anyway.

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Re: Your military service...

Post by cobrar543 » Mon Oct 31, 2016 9:23 am

Here is something I found out Just last year." onclick=";return false;
LIFE TIME pass to launch and camp in Washington State. I used the snot out of this last year. Please take advantage of what you earned.

The Disabled Veterans Lifetime Pass: Proof of 30 percent or more service connected disability may be in the form of an award letter or letter of
certification on letterhead stationery from the Veterans Administration or the Department of Veterans Affairs.

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