Visiting from the east coast

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Visiting from the east coast

Post by CTAssDoc » Mon Sep 09, 2019 4:17 pm


I will be visiting Seattle for work in mid-September (9/16-9/23). Unfortunately I will be covering call at one of the local hospitals (bet you can guess what I do based on the name) so can’t venture more than an hour/hour and a half away. I grew up fishing in the ocean for Stripers, Blues, Sea Bass, etc.. but had my first taste of salmon fishing in Alaska this summer for Kings and Pinks and would love to try my luck on Coho. I already picked up some buzz bombs and was thinking of trying places like Mukilteo, Alki Beach, W Seattle Bridge, or even Deception Pass. Any of those places I should avoid or are there places I would be better off? Was also thinking about going to the Puyallup River. I wanted to go on a boat, but can’t risk being out on the water in case of an emergency. Was either going to pick up a travel rod or would be interested in renting if anyone wants to make a few bucks and has extra equipment lying around (I will return and pay for any damage).

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Re: Visiting from the east coast

Post by Mike Carey » Mon Sep 09, 2019 5:46 pm

There is a fishing pier in Edmonds that can be productive. If you did want to chance it, take the ferry from Mukilteo across to Clinton, then a short drive south to Possession Point Bait where they sell live herring and have a private beach. Fish the herring under a float right off the beach. It's a cool fishery and lots of coho get caught there.

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