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Name: jonb Date: July 26, 2015 Lake Name: Secret  
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Todays target species: Bull trout.
The river i fished has regs that state a 20" minimum size. and daily limit of 2 counted as part of trout daily limit. it is specifically listed as open in the regs and therefor legal to target bull trout.
a friend and i arrived at notellum river at about 3pm, a late start, the clouds were overcast and rain sprinkled lightly on us. we arrived at our first hole, which didnt look like much, i was already prepared with a panther martin spinner, that i modified. i took off the treble and put a single barbless brown wooley bugger on, that spinner has been a winning lure for me lately.. i couldnt quite cast far enough into the seem. my friend is still shuffling through gear. i decide to put on a 3/8 oz firetiger castmaster also modified with a single barbless hook this was the producer for me. first cast into that run with that castmaster produced the hit. i casted slightly upstream letting it sink for a couple seconds then i slowly turned the handle to let it swing out with the current, just as the lure reached the shallow area whammo, and fish on! i was using a cabelas fish eagle 50 rod in the 2-8lb line recomendation, the battle was epic and lasted several minutes, the bull put up long bulldog runs and took a long time to finally tire. finally i got the fish in, tailed it, my fishing buddy helped me tape it, 21 1/2", my first keeper bull!! it was a fairly thin fish, and would guess its weight to be 3#-3 1/2# my personal best so far. after casting for 15 minutes at that run with no more bites, we move on to the next hole, this time my friend hooks up on a cheap knock off yellow spinner, after a decent fight my friend lands and releases a 15"-16" bull, scrappy, but too small, head kept in the water and released with care. i hooked up with a 8" trout that fell off at shore, then nothing more in that whole. resolving that our first hole was well rested, we turned back to see if there was another giant lurking.. i let my friend have first cast at the run, and bam he hooks up another monster, but the battle is short lived.. the fish pops off after about 20 seconds into the fight... dang it.. we decided to head home shortly after that each catching a bull and having a good time. if you recognize this area please do not mention its name.

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Name: AJFishdude Date: July 14, 2015 Lake Name: Secret  
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There are some fishing trips that are terrible. There are some that are enjoyable, but not enough to be clearly remembered a year later. There are some that are good enough that the memories will likely stick with you for many years. And then there are some that hold such significance that it is hard to imagine ever forgetting about them. My most recent trip was of the sort that I cannot envision ever forgetting about it.

For those of you who don't like reading, I apologize, but you probably want to stop reading now. I am generally not one to post one paragraph reports, rather, I like describing what I do in enough detail that people enjoy reading what I have written, feeling some of the excitement that I felt while out fishing, and still come away with some good knowledge to apply on their own fishing trips. That being said, read on if you can handle it. Here goes.

I met up with fellow member, Jonb, after work on Monday and we booked it out to some new territory that neither of us had fished before. We both agreed that we wanted to keep the location a secret, but are more than willing to share the rest of the details of the trip. After a long drive which took us deep into the kind of territory that makes western Washington so beautiful, we arrived at our trout stream of choice and Jonb was greeted with the welcome sight of a fish that was at least 14" long completely clearing the surface of the water in our starting hole. I let Jonb have first crack at the hole and he started working the water with his fly gear, getting a take right off the bat. I on the other hand chose to go with a spinning setup (although I did bring my fly rod) and selected a size 0 copper Vibrax. We worked the starting hole for a while but had no other action and decided to move downstream.

Unfortunately, moving downstream resulted in us finding water that was simply too cloudy to fish (although we tried for about 20 minutes), so we turned back around and headed upstream again. By the time we got back to fishing our starting hole, I had switched over to a 1/16oz black Roostertail with a silver blade. I started working the bottom of the hole with the spinner while Jonb headed to the top end with his fly gear. This particular hole was deep enough and fast enough right in the center that it was difficult to get my spinner down into the strike zone. Jonb suggested that I try letting the spinner quarter out in front of me, rather than bringing it downstream. Casting cross current and letting the weight take the spinner down, I reeled up the slack line and gave the rod tip a pop to get the blade kicking. I had placed this particular cast just in front of a large submerged boulder, hoping that my spinner would swing right along side it and into the deep and calm water on the down stream side. Sure enough, it did just that, and no sooner did that happen than a big bull trout, a nice fat fish in the 16" range, nailed the spinner and proceeded to put a much welcome bend into my rod while running upstream and downstream and in general just not wanting to come in for a landing. The fish did finally tire though and I was able to bring it in for some victory shots before sliding the small single point barbless hook from its mouth and sending it back to the depths.

Continuing upstream, we began to see more and more action from trout in the 6"-8" range while stopping to fish the likely looking pools in between log crossings, river wading, traversing stair step rapids and a little bit of bush whacking. My silver and black Roostertail ended up being the killer lure of the day, I would say predominantly due to the clarity of the water, the overcast sky and the fact that no direct sunlight was reaching the water we were fishing. Eventually Jonb started throwing small spinners with his fly gear, and after I offered him a split shot to help get his spinner down into the depths, he too began getting action from the many many trout that were inhabiting this body of water. At first we were thinking they were resident rainbows, but upon closer examination of some of the more colorful specimens we caught, we both became convinced that they were actually redband trout. The parr marks were generally a deep indigo blue, the red slashes on the sides of the fish were very vibrant with well defined edges, the bodies had a lemony yellow tint to them, especially towards the belly, the fins were tipped with white and there were no red slashes under the jaws.

We continued working our way upstream. I stuck with my black and silver Roostertail and Jonb eventually switched to skating a size 8 adams across the surface. As soon as he made the switch to the dry fly he began getting much more action, and at one hole in particular I witnessed him get about 6 bites in about 10 casts with that setup. We were having a great time on the water, but the daylight was starting to fade and we wanted to be back to the car in time to fish our starting hole one last time before the light gave out. On the way back down we briefly decided to stop and fish a pool that we had gone right past on the way up. I'm definitely glad that we did. This particular pool was difficult to fish with a downstream or a quartering method due to the way the water was flowing and the rock structure. Pretty much my only option was to cast my spinner to the downstream end of the pool, let it sink to the bottom, and then bring it back up and let it hang in the current as I slowly retrieved it. This is not my first choice method when spinner fishing, but for this particular pool it proved to be exactly what was needed. My spinner only sat in the current for about one second before a big a beautiful 11" redband nailed the lure and proceeded to go crazy, darting left and right and headshaking. If we had had any doubt that these fish were redbands before, it was all removed once I got a good look at this fish. The yellow tinting on its flanks was unlike anything I had seen before, not to mention the fact that it was 11" long (which would certainly be an adult fish given the water we were fishing) but still had some of its parr marks.

Continuing back towards the car, we crossed to the downstream side of the starting hole and I decided to make a few casts into the tailout region before crossing the water to more easily fish the pool from the opposite bank. It was during my first or second cast up into the tailout, using a slow downstream retrieve, that I hooked into what is now my personal best bull trout. It didn't hit hard at first, just clamping onto the lure the way bull trout seem to do, but after setting that hook and feeling the weight at the other end of the line I knew that I had a big fish on. Right at the beginning of the fight it came back downstream towards me a bit and I could see it head shaking underwater and was still in shock as to how big of a fish I had just hooked using my tiny trout gear. I got my drag loosened up and the fish took off upstream, staying deep and unwilling to come back down to where I was standing. As the fish started to tire I was able to bring it in close enough to confirm that it was indeed a very good sized bull. I tried to tail it, but the fish still had some fight left and quickly swam back to the main flow in the middle of the stream. I was finally able to get it in though and spent a moment just looking at the thing, still in awe of how incredible it looked and the fact that I had hooked it on my trout gear, the same exact setup that 6" redbands were hitting. Jonb quickly taped it, with a reading of about 23.5" inches. I estimate that it was in the 4# to 4.5# range. What a fight it was on a trout rod with 5# test leader!

After taking pictures and, in general, feeling pretty ecstatic, we sent the fish back on its way and packed up and left. Our totals for the day were 16 redbands landed between the two of us (ranging from 5" to 11"), one whitefish at about 11", a bull at about 16" and a bull at about 23". The top producing methods were small spinners (black and silver was working awesome) presented slowly near the bottom (downstream retrieves, quartering out and letting the spinner sit in the current), as well as a size 8 adams skated over the surface.

Tight lines!

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Name: jsw111 Date: July 12, 2015 Lake Name: Secret  
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lotsa fishies......

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Name: ridgeratt Date: July 03, 2015 Lake Name: Secret  
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Went to a little lake I fish often and it didn't disappoint me once again. Left the house around 8 a.m. and got to the lake by 8:30. Enjoyed the solitude in the fact I was the only one there. Had loons in the background and the sound of the logging over the ridge. Fishing was good and caught 5 fish in the 12 inch range and back to the house by 10:30.
Just a great day to work on my stress levels.

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Name: jonb Date: June 30, 2015 Lake Name: Secret  
Time: Members Only. Bait: Members Only. Tackle: Members Only.
Color: Members Only. Target: Members Only. Method: Members Only.

I arrived at one of my favorite subalpine lakes in snohomish county with a friend around 7:15am after a short hike. Upon arrival we see the shack, log book and canoe all still there as i last saw it. The lake was calm and the bugs were plenty, warm but not too humid, a bright sunny day would soon follow. As we loaded our gear in the canoe, i noticed the plopping sounds of trout breeching the surface. My friend and i started to get excited and hastened our expedition, he sat in the front and rowed with his right hand i sat in the back and rowed with my left. We both had fly rods with us, but he was a novice, so i started him off with a spinning rod and cast master. I set up my 3wt with full floating line 8' of tippet, and a size 4 white/silver knudson spider, and never changed that set up all day. After about 10 minutes of fudding around teaching my friend the ways of trout fishing, i finally recieved the first hook up, with a solid cutthroat of 13" casting near structure, my friend sitting near the front watched the take before his eyes, and from there the trip was a success. I landed the fish after a bit of a struggle, the fish wrapped itself around a submerged log, so i let the line slack and the fish swam out and freed itself, then after a couple minutes i landed it, these cutts in this lake fight extremely hard and double my 3wt over everytime. A few casts later my friend lands his first another beautiful cutt of 12" on his spinning set up. I decided to switch gears, we tried trolling a bit, both with fly rods now. Him with my 6wt and an orange knudson spider, he did get a hit and missed it but nothing else after that. We went back to pounding structure, logs and floating grass bogs. after another hour i caught 3 more 12"-13" cutts, he got 1 more 13" cutt then we called it a day as the weather started to get hot with a total of 4 for me and 2 for was a glorius day and a day my friend wont soon forget. His very first cutthroat, and new found love of trout fishing. the meat on all these fish are excellent deep orange, similar look to coho meat.

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Name: AJ's Dad Date: June 18, 2015 Lake Name: Secret  
Time: Members Only. Bait: Members Only. Tackle: Members Only.
Color: Members Only. Target: Members Only. Method: Members Only.

I had to use the secret lake section to post this report because there is no where to select Canadian Lakes. No big deal, just wanted to make this report. I fished Last Mountian Lake with my younger brother and fellow Northwest Fishing reports member Lucious.
We fished from Saturday the 6th thru friday the 12th of June. We set out to catch as many big pike as we could and have a great trip, and we did just that. I lost many nights of sleep thinking about how many and how big these fish were going to be. When the trip finally happened, it was truly more than I had ever imagined. The walleye bite was amazing. We stumbled on them in shallow water, 2.5 to 3 feet deep, while casting for pike. We could have easily boated 4 or 5 hundred quality walleyes on the trip if we had specifically targeted them like many other anglers were doing. However, we were out for pike on this trip and the walleyes were just an added bonus.
The pike bite was nothing short of amazing. We fished bays that Lucious had fished on a previous trip and several others that he picked out by researching a map of the lake. His selection of fishing spots was spot on, every time. We picked bays off the main lake and fished them with unimaginable success. Between three of us, we boated 376 fish. I personally landed 143 Pike and about 30 quality walleyes. My personal bait of choice was the Rapala Glidin rap for the most part but I had many fish using other baits such as the Big Hammer swimbait, Mepps inline spinner, Rapala subwalk, Rapala X raps, river 2 sea v joint minnow and spinnerbaits. All I can say is this lake lived up to it's reputation and then some!! The fish were many, and they were BIG!! I personally landed 7 pike at or over 40" with some weighing in the mid 20lb range. We didn't weight any as we all left our scales at home and opted to just measure lengths. Lucious had a day where he boated 38 pike and several walleyes. My best day numbers wise was the last day of the trip where I caught 45 pike, 2 of which were over 40", several others over 30" and a hand full of walleyes.
If you are looking for a place to make the dream trip of a life time and do it at an affordable price, this is certainly the lake to choose. You will not be dissapointed. The fish in these photos are just a few of the great fish we caught.

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Name: drysuperfly52 Date: June 08, 2015 Lake Name: Secret  
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Color: Members Only. Target: Members Only. Method: Members Only.

Woke up early and went fishing with "The Quadfather" we went to a little alpine like he has been telling me about for a couple years now. all i have to say is WOW, what a gem. which is why I am keeping it a secret. the visibility was unlike any lake i have ever fished, you could see the bottom throughout the entire lake. we started dragging wolley buggers and leaches with minimal luck through the deep parts of the lake. after a skunked hour or so we ended up in the shallows and started seeing fish cruising looking for food. changing my tactics a few time i got a few on foam and with dropper. after that slowed down a crazy mayfly hatch erupted on the lake, the fish were everywhere, and would hit anything I threw their way, I went with a strike indicator and a bead head chromoind and caught my biggest wild fish to date. I am guessing about 19" and all muscle, this fish had more power then any of the 5 lb fish that rocky ford creek has, felt like i was fighting a pink on my 4 weight fly rod. I think I landed about 7 fish in all all were very healthy and feisty.

I cant wait to be back at this lake. Thanks again Quadfather!

Hey Quad, i got some info on a unnamed pond that is supposed to have some monster bass. I think another trip will be in order.

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Name: drysuperfly52 Date: June 01, 2015 Lake Name: Secret  
Time: Members Only. Bait: Members Only. Tackle: Members Only.
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spent the afternoon until dark getting some fly fishing in from the shore line in a mountain lake. the fishing was great 2 browns, 4 bows and countless strikes. i was throwing different wolley buggers on a full sinking line.

i am sure a handful of people recognize this lake, access was amazingly easy and i don't want the spots getting trashed.

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Name: Ian Horning Date: May 25, 2015 Lake Name: Secret  
Time: Members Only. Bait: Members Only. Tackle: Members Only.
Color: Members Only. Target: Members Only. Method: Members Only.

This report covers two days of fishing on a lake that will not be named. County- Skamania? Pierce? King? I don't know.
I guess it's kinda cruel to post a report without revealing location, but the fishery is good enough that I want it to stay rather sheltered.

I decided to check this lake out because it looked fishy to me. I didn't know it's name, or see any reports, but it looked fishy. Very fishy.

Day one, had no idea what to expect. Packed up some gear- an ultralight trout outfit and a medium light setup that I would use for bass. I enjoy feeling the fight, and although 65lb braid is often practical in some scenarios, I've found that bass can be landed on any tackle if played correctly. I also don't feel like using a broom stick that could haul up Moby Dick if it needed to. 10lb test and a light, responsive rod makes for great enjoyment of the sport.

I immediately started seeing fish. Not five minutes in, and a recently spawned 4lb female bass guarding thousands of young lurked under my boat. I decided to move on, having spooked the fish.

My fist catch was a 10 inch largemouth on a #0 bronze mepps on my ultralight setup. Actually a very fun fight. He, as all the fish are in this lake, are chunky and very healthy. He coughed up a 3-4 inch baitfish when I brought him in. Back into the water he went, and onwards I went.

I still poked around with the ultralight and the mepps. Several other small bass came and went, and then, something bigger said hello.

Lily pads bubbled as my rod tip dipped into a hard arc towards the water, drag whizzing away as the fish took off. Thrashing about, the green beauty gave it her all to snap my thread of a line on the stems of every lily pad in the vicinity, but to no avail. After one more breakaway, I lipped her, and hoisted her in, an all 3-4lbs of glory. Great fish, on a most miniscule of lure. Back she went, and onwards I fished.

Switching to a 4 inch fluke, I worked around some stumps and other debris. Not much happened, but right underneath the boat, a subtle tap indicated a pickup. Again the hook was set, and the rod bent towards the water. it seemed as if the other fish's twin struck, another 3-4lb beauty! back into the lake she went, and I called it a day.

Upon returning the next day, I immediately got to work. But today, the lake wouldn't give p its quarry easy.
I threw jerkbaits and flukes again, imitating the forage that the bass are feeding on. First hookup on the husky jerk, a solid fish. Again, in the 3-4lb range easy... but I never got a good look. She came unbuttoned and swam away victorious. Lake 1, Ian Horning 0.

I kept pressing on, working more cover. Another strike ten feet from my boat, another large fish. The hookset came in, and............ nothing. Lake 2, Ian Horning 0.

Again I pressed on, and received another strike shortly. The hook was set into a heavy fish, who swirled beneath the surface. One flash of yellow side, and once again, slack line. he had spit the hook. Lake 3, Ian Horning 0. That one was real big.

Damn the jerkbait, time to switch. The fluke rod was picked up and flipped around, and finally a bite registered. Hookset in, plus headshakes to boot. Yippee, here we go again. Another solid fish, around 4-5 lbs. He was actually landed, believe it or not. He had a big slash on his side from an eagle or osprey trying to grab him, still pretty fresh.

I covered more water with the Husky Jerk. I slung it across some flats, jerking it over some weeds. it bumped into a clump of weeds, and then something bumped back. Something real big. It took off like a rocket, shaking it's head, peeling drag, and dodging in and out of weeds, under the boat, everywhere. But I prevailed in the end, holding the largest largemouth I've ever caught. It was around 22-23 inches long (used my wader boot as a reference- its about 13 inches long) and probably weighed 6-7 pounds. All I know is it was an extremely healthy fish, very fat and thick. Back she went, and again, I called it a day.

2/5 Isn't that bad in the end, I guess. Still some great fish, great memories, and a great lake. If I'd have caught all of theose fish, my "tournament limit" of five fish would have been pretty hefty. Oh well, maybe next time.

Tight lines, and thank you to all veterans we remember this weekend and beyond!

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Name: Lip_Ripper87 Date: May 11, 2015 Lake Name: Secret  
Time: Members Only. Bait: Members Only. Tackle: Members Only.
Color: Members Only. Target: Members Only. Method: Members Only.

Well, I went out on a whim to go find some mid spring crappie and bass. More or less the crappie. But I stopped and grabbed up some green and black, white grub w/tail, blue/blk crappie tubes. And chartreuse and black jig heads to round out a quick crappie setup. Well the ran started and I had a few take downs but I had a to slow of a pole. They got away. Haha I did get one though. A little SM bass. He was around 6.5 inches and a whopping .5lb

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