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 #230048  by hewesbob
 Wed Aug 03, 2016 12:16 pm
As an avid Walleye fisherman I am like a lot of others, always looking for some thing to attract more Walleye. I think I may have been one of the first to start talking about Slow Death hooks on this forum and now several folks are having great success with those. After retiring I have been watching my money a little closer and the price of nightcrawlers has been one thing I have been trying to get a handle on. At $3.00 a dozen for bait that's .25 per worm and if you don't keep them cool enough they die and are hard to hold day after day so I went looking for a hardier worm that don't cost an arm and a leg. About two months ago i came across a web site from North Carolina that bragged about Louisiana Swamp Worms. I bought a pound of bed run(about 400-450) and set up a small worm bed in the back yard. When the worms showed up I thought they were a little on the small side so I call the worm farmer and was very surprised that he remembered my order and I realized he operates a one man show and full of good advise. He said to let the grow about a week and start picking the size we wanted to fish with, so we did just that. In that short time I was amazed by their growth and how lively they are. We took a couple dozen out on Banks Lake slipped them on a Slow Death hook, a small Red Wiggler is the only other worm I have seen with that kind of action. Several times we would check our bait after going through a weed bed or being hung up and these worms have as much action after be under water 15 minutes as they do when you first rig them up. My wife and I always seem to do very well Walleye fishing but since we started using these Louisiana Swamp Worms the bite seems to be faster and the Walleye seem to be taking the bait farther in making for less lost fish and it may be a coincidence but we are hooking up with larger fish then we were the past couple months. Another nice thing about these worms is you don't refrigerate them and don't have to keep them in a cooler in the boat, so far we have not had a single dead worm from the heat. But the greatest thing to me is the cost about .10 per worm and they are reproducing free worms every day. Well I hope this information may help, that's the great thing about this site folks sharing information and helping other folks.
 #230051  by Larry3215
 Wed Aug 03, 2016 3:16 pm
So these are worm sized and not night crawler sized? Have a link to order from? I like the idea of worms that can take the heat better.

We have mostly been using night crawlers walleye fishing and then pinching off smaller bits and using that on slowdeath setups.

We have done the compost/worm farm thing a few times with mixed success. It always starts out great, but then we always seem to manage to forget about it or screw it up some way and they die off and we have to start over. We have left the container in the sun or out in the rain or forgotten to check it for water or forgotten to feed them or had mold take over, or, or :) Our last effort was going great composting in an old over size ice chest until my brothers dog got into it. What a mess!

You really do need to plan the location and keep after it for it to work really well. When done right, you get basically free worms/night crawlers for as long as you put in a small amount of time and effort.

Its been at least a year since we last tried it, so Im about ready to have another go at it :)

Thanks for the info and the reminder!!
 #230056  by hewesbob
 Wed Aug 03, 2016 7:22 pm
Ya Larry that is the web site.The guy says they will get to be nightcrawler size. Right now we have what I would call small crawlers, they are plenty of bait on a Slow Death hook, they grow so fast I think in a couple weeks we will have some that will be 5-6 inches. their action is incredible.
 #230072  by zen leecher aka Bill W
 Thu Aug 04, 2016 12:55 pm
Interesting that these worms can handle our heat with no problems. I read the "worm care" section and it appears these nightcrawlers are compost eaters rather than eating dirt (minerals) like the canadian night crawler. Should make the Louisiana nightcrawlers way easier to keep.