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  • Talk about the gear that makes your fishing day.
Talk about the gear that makes your fishing day.
 #235861  by Sideburns
 Wed Apr 19, 2017 2:27 pm
Okuma has the ME-15DXT-T reel with line counter you can find for under $40. Can spool 290 yards of 12lb line. I find it a perfect level wind for trolling Kokanee and Trout. Drag setting isn't the most fluid, but paired with a kokanee rod, drag doesn't come into play as much as the rod itself. So far, based on it's performance and price, I am very happy with it.[/quote]

I have the same reel, but left hand. Is yours as slow as mine is to free spool line out? Curious if mine has an issue or if they're all as tight as mine? It will barely let line out in free spool, I have to pull it out even with a dodger/lure combo at 1.5mph.
 #235915  by Mike Carey
 Thu Apr 20, 2017 6:47 pm
I ran the okuma line counter reel mentioned (on sale at Amazon for $38) with my $18 eagle claw kokanee rod. I got this set up to run leaded line and it worked great. The rod is just the right action but it is heavier than the high end kokanee rods out there, and the guides are simple metal loops. The okuma has a very marginal drag, not very sensitive at all. That said, for the application I'm using it for I think it will be fine.
 #235924  by spokey9
 Fri Apr 21, 2017 7:07 am
I picked up the 8ft one. I got mine to do some summer run drift fishing with and as a fun rod for pinks & chums. It'll be fun fishing a yellow eagle claw again lol, all my favorite rods as a kid were those ugly yellow & blue sticks.
 #235978  by hewesfisher
 Sat Apr 22, 2017 10:04 am
branweeds wrote:My dad has one that is a fly/spin combo, in a 4 piece travel case. He has used it for 30 years!

Bought mine in the 70s, came in a metal carry tube with a 2-chamber cloth liner, one for the butt piece and the other for the 3 upper rod sections. Paired it with a Zebco XRL-40 spinning reel and caught a ton of fish with it. Though I never used it as a fly rod, I have set it up as a fly rod but with a spinning reel. Caught some monster trout at the horseshoe lake in Grand Coulee with it set up that about 25yrs ago and it was a real blast.

Don't think I've used that rod in the last 20yrs, but it sure is a good one. [thumbup]
 #236287  by Sideburns
 Sun Apr 30, 2017 12:44 pm
For as much time as Ive spent trying to track one of these eagle claw rods down, I was surprised to stumble across one for sale locally, 24.99! I grabbed the 8 footer, and have trolled it around a few times now for trout. Nice build quality, but a little on the stiff side for a Kokanee rod? I'm still happy with it, but I think its place will be somewhere between my super limber koke rods and a salmon downrigger rod. Great rod for Kokanee fishing somewhere where Kokanee get bigger than the west side kokes or where larger species might be in the mix.... Perfect sockeye rod too, looking forwards to loading it up in the downrigger!
 #236312  by Mike Carey
 Sun Apr 30, 2017 7:49 pm
I just got back from our Chelan B-Q event where I ran two of these rods for long lining leaded line. They worked great! I was very pleased and I thought they were limber enough. Plus I think they will be good choices for sockeye.

Super deal for the money! I got mine at that blow out price of $17.99 last winter. Hope to find more at that price.