Open seat for MA 9 King Opener!

Looking for a spontanious fishing partner? Got a quick trip open seat/share a ride available? Post it here!
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Open seat for MA 9 King Opener!

Post by ReelAddict » Thu Jul 12, 2018 6:39 pm

Looking for a fishing buddy for the king salmon opener on July 16th. All my friends are working and I do not want to miss out on opening day. I have a 19 foot Duckworth and all the gear one could possibly need to catch a king. I have been fishing MA 9 for years and know where to go. I will drop some crab pots also. A crab catch card would be a good thing to have. I plan on launching from Everett at sunrise. Looking for just 1 person to go with me. Chip in for gas and bring your own food and drinks. I don't want anyone that has to be back at the dock at a certain time. I plan on enjoying my time on the water and catch some fish & crab[thumbsup]
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