Looking for fishing buddy Clallam County area

Looking for a spontanious fishing partner? Got a quick trip open seat/share a ride available? Post it here!
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Looking for fishing buddy Clallam County area

Post by markbaldassare » Sun Aug 26, 2018 7:32 pm

If you have a good saltwater boat and are looking for a fishing buddy I am your guy. I will pay half the cost of everything. The silvers are in Sekiu and I would love to go get them. I was just there a few weeks ago and did really well on kings.

I usually go with my grandfather but he just had a major stroke about 8 months ago and can no longer fish. If anyone is interested in going fishing please contact me. I live in Sequim, WA. I have a nice freshwater powered boat for lakes for fall/winter/spring fishing.

I am pretty experienced in fishing in both Sekiu and Neah Bay.

My mane is Mark and I have all my own fishing gear downrigger and all. Also, I have tons of camping gear. 360-808-5521 give me a call we can meet up have a coffee and hopefully, we can arrange something for Sekiu this month or September we must get them silvers they are in now. :fish:

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