Northwest Fishing Reports TV Now Online!

by Mike Carey, December 09, 2017

Many of you may know that last year Northwest Fishing Reports was accepted by Fox Broadcast TV to present a fishing TV show in the Spokane/Inland Empire market, on KAYU FOX 28. Our show reaches over a million households in Spokane, northern Idaho, Canada, and across Central Washington and even reaches into parts of Montana and Eastern Oregon. It’s been an amazing year of discovery for us at NWFR. We learned a lot “on the go” about what is required to produce and air a TV show. It’s much more involved than YouTube and even cable stations. FTC requirements and various rules, including close captioned compliance, commercial placement - we learned a lot and grew through some teething pains. At the end of our first season the ratings came back and what do you know, FOX extended an invitation to run our show in additional TV markets, the Yakima and Tri-Cities markets on FOX 11 and FOX 41.]

Our second season started a few weeks ago on FOX 28, Sundays at 5:30pm (a great time slot!). We have a lineup of some pretty neat fishing adventures to share with our viewers. From Vancouver Island to the Snake River and everywhere in between, you’ll join NWFR as we show great locations to fish and demonstrate the techniques that will help you catch more fish. Best of all, we fish not only with some great guides, but we also go out with local anglers willing to share their knowledge and expertise as well. We also include members of NWFR in quite a few of our shows.

Our focus is much more than “expert talking heads”. We are about you – the average angler. We try to take you to places that may be in your own back yard that you were totally unaware of. And we have fun along the way!

We also try to include tips and information to make you a better angler. But without the “we’re smarter than you attitude”. Because you know why – we aren’t! Aaron, Rob, and I are average anglers that are still firmly anchored in our roots.

So if you are stuck inside and yearning for some outdoor adventures, check us out. If you don’t get our show on broadcast TV we now have previous episodes on our website at Just look for the link at the top center of our menu bar – “TV Show”. Click on the link and dive into the action!

“We’ll see you on the water – and online – and on TV!”

We are grateful to FOX for their confidence in us. We also want to thank all our sponsors that allow us to make the show happen, including Toyota Dealers of the Inland Northwest, Ace Hardware, Best Western Peppertree Inns, Precision Propeller, Mack’s Lure, The Dalles Area Chamber of Commerce, Ziebart, and Ross Outdoor Adventures.


12/9/2017 8:51:28 AM
I wasn't aware that you were on T.V. Any idea when you might be on Fox 13 in western Washington????Please advise me?
As for the "SECRET" SPOTS OF THE PAST AND PRESENT. Their are very few left unless they are on private land or down some canyon on a rope. or floating a river, maybe, but there .
The reason that where were places in the past that you fished elbow to elbow is SIMPLY there were many more fish to catch....It may not have been the RIVER RUNS THROUGH IT EXPERIENCE but as an example....The, Now deceased, A run, Winter Steelhead of the Cowlitz at the infamous BLUE CREEK.
It was such a good run that lots of people planned their vacations to co-inside with the weeks after thanks giving. Like everyone from Boeing.
It was incredibly exciting but chaotic at best and sometime ugly also...I used to get my limit and then take videos of it. Some are hilarious.
But then, the WDFW "EXPERTS"???? DECIDED TO KILL THE RUN and move it to March????
Probably so the Kill Netters could get into Late Steelhead when fishing for early Springers. Then they reduced the release of smolts, and also had mysterious die offs almost on a yearly basis now that it is just a shadow of what it once was...Not to mention the disappearance of the access to the South side of the Cowlitz river on Hinkley Road to Hinkley Bar. A Gate was put up to keep out the riff raff low life fisherman. and keep it for themselves.
Mike Carey
12/24/2017 7:43:09 AM
We'd love to get on Fox 13, for now you can see the TV shows on our TV Show link page:

I also remember the Cowlitz Blue Creek fishery. Slept in my truck bed, anglers came and went in shifts, night glow-balling... fun times for sure.
Also, back then Washington had a couple million less residents. There's just more of us. We have to be open to sharing IMO and not live in selfishness, fear and anger.
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