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June 2017

Some new products are truly unique, for example, Wiggle Fins. These products create and define new methods and fishing techniques. Other products take a great idea, refine it and make it better. In this category falls a new kokanee fly produced by Arctic Fox Trolling Flies. I had the opportunity to recently tackle test this product on Lake Conconully and came away very impressed. It’s going to be...[more]

The land locked king salmon fishery in Lake Oroville has been a tough one to figure out. They are a cold water fish that stays down deep for most of the season. Shore based anglers rarely can reach them and boat fishermen have a tough time finding the correct combination of depth, speed and lure. The story of the cold water fishery in Lake Oroville goes back to the completion of the dam in the ...[more]

Its’ hard to beat enjoying a summer’s day out on Puget Sound. With the recent conflicts and confusion over salmon season’s and a lack of setting rules for fisheries this past spring I got to thinking about other options besides salmon. With last years predicted low returns of Coho, closures and even non-existent fisheries that were once traditions in the Sound it’s hard to imagine a summer out boa...[more]

If you hang out around a marina, boat launch or other places where fishermen are with their boats you’ll notice that just about every boat is equipped with a fish finder. It is considered an essential piece of equipment, but for most people it is a waste of money because it doesn’t help them catch more fish. The reasons for this are many. Why Your Fish Finder Is A Waste Of Money Lets exami...[more]

I was fishing for a few years before I tried out my first plastic crawfish. Once I did, I felt stupid for not doing so sooner. They catch bass. Period. Exclamation point! A lot of anglers go craw-wild in the spring, but then forget about them for the rest of the year. This is a mistake, as they remain productive throughout the year. They may not be the best lure for the dead of winter or while ...[more]

I had the privilege of fishing the 2017 Yale Kokanee event “The Fallen Outdoors” with my friend Robbie (first mate) and three vets, Chris, Jason, and Misty. For those of you not familiar with this awesome organization, The Fallen Outdoors matches up vets with outdoors people for fishing and hunting trips. It’s a volunteer group started by three vets in 2009 on a top of a remote outpost in Afghanis...[more]

Reports are pouring in regarding great fishing up in Okanagon County. The area offers lots of recreation opportunities including ATV riding, hiking, and of course fishing. There are many campgrounds and RV parks around the area, but for those looking to just head out and get in some great kokanee fishing, Okanagon Valley Guide Service and the Best Western Plus Peppertree Inn at Omak have put to...[more]

May 2017

May brings on one of my favorite fisheries, but it is not one where you use a hook, line, and rod to reel in the catch. Instead, baits are in the form of canned cat food, tuna fish, and pellets that resemble dried dog food. Rope is needed, not monofilament lines, and the net is a metal box made of 1 inch mesh. Yes, May is the beginning of shrimp season! Puget Sound offers a very good shrimp fis...[more]

I listened to the trolling motor as it went into it’s programmed acceleration. Like clockwork the outside downrigger rod began to do a familiar “tap tap tap” as it signaled another kokanee on the other end. Pulling the rod out of the rod holder Alan reeled down and popped the release. “It’s not a bad fish” he noted. The rod doubled over as the kokanee gave some good head shakes. Alan slowly and st...[more]

A good pair of waders can be the difference between spending the day with boots full of mud or with dry toes. This article will offer answers to your questions about selecting the right waders to get the most out of your experience on the water. Choosing The Right Type of Waders For You There are several different wader designs available to anglers today, each with their own advantages and di...[more]

Understand the stages of the smallmouth spawn, and you’ll catch more bass this spring. Springtime smallmouth bass are here one day and gone the next as they migrate from their winter haunts to their spawning areas. Understanding the stages of the smallmouth spawn, and how the fish behave in each of those stages, is key if you want to catch them all season long. The three stages are the pre-s...[more]

The fishing at Lake Chelan for kokanee is red hot! If you’re interested in getting some shiny 11-15” silver bullets now is the time to go. I arrived on Thursday evening and met up with site members Fish Dawg and his daughter, Fish Princess, Downriggeral (Alan Hanna of and they filled me in on where to go and what techniques to use. To paraphrase my guide friend Anton Jones -...[more]