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February 2018

Blown rivers, icy road condition, or cold temperatures often hamper our winter time fishing plans. Anglers often find a little more spare time in mid-winter and this provides a great opportunity to research and plan the year's upcoming adventures. One corner of the Pacific Northwest you should consider adding to your hit list is the Colville Indian Reservation located in the north-central region o...[more]

One of my biggest loves in fishing right next to Bass fishing is catching Northern Pike. I don’t think this amazing game fish deserves all the negative publicity it has gotten in the last few years, so I’m here to stand up for the proverbial Pike! The Pike has many names from Northerns on the East coast, Jacks up in Canada, and also various nicknames like, Snot Rockets, Legless Gators, and To...[more]

More and more, fishing is becoming a sport defined by photography. We anglers love our photos, whether we want proof we actually did catch that big trophy trout, a positive way to enjoy an outdoor pastime while respecting the environment, or just bragging rights. Whether you are a sponsored fishing journalist who relies on pictures for a living and shoots with a powerful DSLR or a hobbyist with no...[more]

January 2018

For Immediate Release January 10, 2018 Mack's Lure Presents the Bi-Mart Kokanee Tank Mack's Lure Pro & Guide Staff will provide live demonstrations and seminars at the 2018 Sportsmen's Shows WENATCHEE, Wash. — Mack's Lure, Inc., manufacturer of the famous Wedding Ring®, Smile Blade®, Sling Blade™, Glo® Hooks and more, is proud to be the presenting sponsor of the Bi-Mart Kokanee Tank ...[more]

Did you know that around 80 percent of all wild fish stocks are either fully exploited or in decline due to consumer demand from commercial fishing? With an ever-growing number of consumers on our planet, we are fast reaching a tipping point in finding ways to feed everyone. With that in mind, farming fish seems to be a more logical, ethical, and sustainable solution than commercial fishing if we ...[more]

One of the few bright spot of our long Pacific Northwest winters are Steelhead. Coastal anglers pass the short days chasing winter chrome while inland anglers brighten their day with cherry red and vibrant green fish that spent their summer making their way up the Columbia and Snake Rivers. Few fisheries are so deeply rooted in our culture and catching a Steelhead is almost certainly a rite of pas...[more]

January can be a tough month for the angler. The daylight is still short and the weather can be everything from freezing rain, snow, ice, or sunny and even a bit warm towards the end of the month. Our rivers run full and this can make it both easy and hard to catch steelhead. Let’s look at some of the ways that we can catch one of our most revered winter fish. High water is more of a norm than...[more]

Winter crank baiting can be very productive for a variety of Species From bass to Pike and even Crappies. The most import part of fishing a bait in the winter, no matter want kind of bait is it is, is for it to suspend or nearly suspend, even if it was not designed from the factory to do so. I will add weight by either larger hooks or suspend lead dots to make the bait work properly. I do thi...[more]

The 2018 Tri-Cities Sportsmen Show will open the doors of the TRAC Expo facility in Pasco on January 19, 20 & 21. Being the first show of the season in the Pacific Northwest, this popular event is the perfect place for the entire family to check out what’s new in outdoor gear, learn at one of the many free seminars, or just take in all the things to see and do. This is the 25th year of the ann...[more]

December 2017

Like a lot of you guys I love to fish sinking soft plastics wacky rigged. I tried the o-ring method I have seen posted here and there on the net, but I really didn't like that setup for a couple reasons. Mostly because it leaves the hook sideways like in this photo. That's on the same plane as the fish’s mouth and the hook can just pull right out of their mouth. So I got to thinking there has t...[more]

“The damn (internet, Facebook groups, fishing reports web site, insert your nemesis here) has ruined another good fishing spot. These guys have done more to ruin fishing than anything!” Ever since the advent of books and magazines there has taken place a battle between two factions in the angling community. Those who want to share information and techniques with others, and those who curse the ...[more]

As the Daylight hours get shorter and the overnight temperatures get lower it’s time to think about wintertime bass fishing. Believe it or not we can catch bass in Washington 12 months out of the year even though many consider bass to be a warm water fish. By changing your tactics and depths you can find success catching nice smallmouth bass all winter long. First let’s start with locations. Fo...[more]