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July 2018

Pulling up to the boat launch in the pre-dawn I noticed how warm the morning air was. It was going to be another hot July day in North-central Washington. Un-latching the tie down straps to the boat and making sure the plug was installed it was time to get out on the water before the sun came up. I had grown up here, near the small tourist town of Chelan, and the cool water from Lake Chelan ran do...[more]

Introductory Trolling tactics for Trout and Kokanee in Western Washington and around the State. Summertime: the time of year when vast amounts of Western Washington anglers are gearing up for their shot at a monster chinook, bright chrome steelhead, or early season coho. As fisherman chase salmon and steelhead in the Pacific Ocean, the Puget Sound, and a multitude of different rivers; lakes ar...[more]

June 2018

Walleye fishing on the Columbia River is a destination hot spot for anglers who seek this predatroy fish. In fact, most walleye anglers will tell you that if you can catch a walleye, you can catch just about any species of fish. Departments of Fish and Wildlife in Washington and Oregon, over the last two years, have lifted the limits while fishing the Lower Columbia. Studies are showing that wa...[more]

If you’re a serious Bass, Pike or Musky fisherman the one thing you don’t want to do it is have to hunt through your whole tackle box looking for a lure or bait you want. I’m going to show you guys how I keep my tackle organized that makes a huge difference in the amount of time it takes to find the right baits. First off the best way to store Bass tackle is in the clear plastic boxes that ar...[more]

Anglers in search of fishing grounds where you can find solitude, lots of fish, and breathtaking views are probably pretty frustrated as fisheries in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho are dwindling. Steelhead anglers are being pushed onto the few river systems that still have healthy runs of fish, and even at that the term “healthy run” seems to be confused with “dwindling run”. Salmon are being manag...[more]

Anglers new to trolling for kokanee and trout face a daunting assortment of questions on everything from rods to tackle to baits and more. One essential component to proper trolling that is seldom discussed is setting up your boat as a fish-catching trolling machine. If you’re like me, I found lots of information on the gear aspect (let’s face it, every tackle and rod manufacturer will be happy to...[more]

May 2018

Looking out over the field, darkness still obscured our vision. Out there beyond the field we set up in we could hear the rapid gurgling, gobbling sound made by male turkeys in their tree roosts. Daylight would be coming soon, but meanwhile I couldn’t get the image from The Blair Witch Project out of my head. I subconsciously swiped at my nose, suppressing a cough, desperate to not make a sound. D...[more]

Do you have more fishing rods, reels, boats and/or miscellaneous gear than you can count? Do you want to spend more time fishing and/or on the river? Are you maybe just killing time between fishing for Spring Chinook and fishing for Fall brights? Have you ever wondered how you could not have a job and still make a living? If you can answer “Yes” to two or more of these questions, you might hav...[more]

May can be a tough month for anglers that are waiting for the summer salmon season and yet have already filled their trout desires. But those that are near Puget Sound can target another great eating fish that can be a bit of a challenge. Lingcod season opens in May with a one fish per day slot limit. The toothy cod has to be between 26 and 36 inches. This is what makes this fishery so tricky. ...[more]

Over the past couple decades the Yakima River has become known as one of the Northwest’s premier trout rivers. Anglers from all over travel to the Yakima and fish the waters from Cle Elum to Yakima. Many times of the year it is catch-and-release flyfishing at its best. But the Yakima is more than just a quality trout fishing river. The lower portion of the Yakima, between Horn Rapids Dam near B...[more]

Move over Alabama rig here is another innovation to bass fishing that could possibly change fishing forever. From the inventor of the Fish-N-Fool knot comes; "The Boob Tube rig". Here is a new way to fish a tube that I came up with that has turned into a killer technique, See below for the required parts. Use any make of tube you like but larger tubes that will trap the most air work the b...[more]

April 2018

Few memories last as long as those surrounding your first fishing trip ( family’s first RV trip maybe? ). You probably still remember the sights, sounds and smiles of the occasion vividly, and you probably look back on the outing fondly. Now, so many years later, it is time to introduce your children to angling. You certainly don’t have to do anything fancy to introduce children to the sport, b...[more]