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September 2018

The Smallmouth Bass is one of the most exciting fish to catch that swims. Whether it be on a Crankbait , topwater. Soft plastic or a jerkbait Smallies can really put up a battle. Here are the ten best Smallies lures ever made #10 The Rebel Pop R Nothing in fishing is more thrilling then having a big Smallmouth Bass blowing up on a topwater lure. This is one lure that I love to fish f...[more]

Carp have long been a popular gamefish in Europe and parts of Asia, but they’ve largely been ignored by North American anglers. However, this is beginning to change, and many US-based anglers are beginning to open their eyes to the fun these fish provide. However, fishing for carp is quite different than fishing for bass, bluegill and trout (although it does have a few similarities to catfish...[more]

One of the most exciting moments for an angler is to see a float go under the surface and after a hard hookset the battle erupts with a huge fall Chinook. Float fishing is one of the most productive and easy ways to fish for fall kings. If you are a novice or even a seasoned float fishing angler there is always room to learn and here are some tips and techniques I have learned over the past twenty...[more]

August 2018

“Fish Fish Fish!!!” That port rod had been getting hit the whole trip and it was once again bouncing. Pop, the line released from the clip and line went peeling off with the scream of the reel clicker. “Whose turn is it?” We’d had enough bites and fish that it was getting hard to know whose turn it was rotating through the four anglers. Rob Frawley of had his fish detecting skil...[more]

Some have names like Blue, Blankenship, Cougar, Cramer and Flatiron. Others don’t have a name at all. But for anglers who might be willing to hike a few miles, and who want to get away from the heat of the cities, fishing one of these high mountain lakes, many in the William O. Douglas Wilderness in central Cascades, should be in for some productive fishing. The Department of Fish and Wildlif...[more]

As the summer is slipping away, it is hard not to get excited for the beginning of the Fall King Salmon run up the Columbia River. As we speak, Fall kings are staging at the mouth of the Columbia River and from Astoria to the Hanford Reach, anglers will have many opportunities to catch these fish as they travel to their spawning grounds. In this article, I want to focus on 1 main rigging tha...[more]

Although they develop their own attitudes, perceptions and philosophies over time, most children reflect the views and priorities of their parents. For modern hunters and anglers, few things are as satisfying to see from their sons and daughters, as a blossoming love of wildlife and desire to protect it. But although your children will likely follow in your footsteps to some degree without extr...[more]

Pulling onto the gravel bar next to a deep hole I noticed two guide boats already anchored up and taking the slot. The river was low and the fish were stacked up in the holes, or at least so we thought. Instead of trying to wrestle our way into the crowds I just dropped the oars and sat for a while, watching the anglers. It was like an assembly line of floats going down the river, everyone casting...[more]

July 2018

The month of July often finds us fishing the Upper Columbia River in the Brewster Pool for Sockeye Salmon. Columbia River Sockeye Salmon average between 19-24 inches. What they lack in size they more than make up on the dinner table. Columbia River Sockeye Salmon are some of the finest tasting fish that swim in the Columbia River, and at times they can also provide outstanding fishing action. When...[more]

The largest Salmon Derby on the Upper Columbia River is coming up soon, and there is still time to register at Brewster Salmon Derby. The Brewster King Salmon Derby will be held Aug. 3-5, and the odds of getting a wining fish are getting better every year. There are lots of ways to win for all ages, KING OF THE POOL wins $2000 and Adult FIRST PLACE wins $1500. THERE’s ALSO a CASH POT for Youth ...[more]

From the outside looking in, fishing may seem to be all about body counts and hard-pulling, big fish. But if you have spent a considerable number of years in the sport as I have, you may find that there is more to it that the casual observer may see. As a young man I lived within walking distance of the beach and when I was bored there was always a place to go fishing, whether you had someone t...[more]

The miles melted away as my phone played music fit for a road trip – Wilco, Lucinda Williams, Chuck Prophet and The Jayhawks were among a seemingly never-ending sound track that was perfect for our destination. How did my phone know just the right music to play? Ah, the age we live in! To either side Northwest Fishing Report’s Rob Holman and I soaked in tree-covered hills and glimpses of snowy ...[more]