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December 2017

For the angler the holidays can be a very exciting time. Not only are the rivers running with steelhead, coho, and sea-run cutthroat but trout fishing our local lakes can be really good in the wintertime. Throw in that it is almost time for Sportsman’s shows and this is a great time to clean and refurbish our gear before spring gets here. When it comes to family and friend's celebrations gift givi...[more]

As cold Arctic air settles in across the Northwest many anglers are busy winterizing their boats and storing their tackle for the season. Yet a small but growing contingent of anglers eagerly invite the cold air, ice fisherman. To these anglers there is nothing more sacred than fishing the "Holey Water". I grew up pulling fish through holes in the ice in the Great Plains but much of my adult l...[more]

Many of you may know that last year Northwest Fishing Reports was accepted by Fox Broadcast TV to present a fishing TV show in the Spokane/Inland Empire market, on KAYU FOX 28. Our show reaches over a million households in Spokane, northern Idaho, Canada, and across Central Washington and even reaches into parts of Montana and Eastern Oregon. It’s been an amazing year of discovery for us at NWFR. ...[more]

November 2017

As the fall leaves change colors and the mornings get a bit crisper, I know the Fall King fishing is coming to an end and it’s time to switch gears to Coho fishing! Whether in a tributary or the main stem Columbia in the Gorge, Coho, or silver salmon, are abundant and provide great angling opportunities well into December. I focus my efforts on the Columbia Gorge and target the Silvers before the...[more]

Too many anglers have been told for years that the best way to handle a deep hooked bass was to cut the line at the hook eye and let it rust out, but the facts suggest that simply is not true. Those fish will retain those hooks far longer than most anglers think. I have for about the last 20 years never left a hook in a bass. I believe in that whole time I have only have killed one bass and that w...[more]

One man's trash is another man's treasure. No idiom applies more appropriately to the Northwest's whitefish fisheries. Whitefish are revered in the Great Lakes region where anglers fork out money for guided whitefish trips and actively target them throughout the year on open and frozen water. These whitefish are Lake Whitefish (Coregonus clupeaformis). This species can grow to several pounds and i...[more]

Enjoying a dinner party a few years ago some non-fishing friends of mine decided to surprise me with a grilled salmon entre’. Standing in the kitchen and observing the preparation of this meal I was definitely surprised when the salmon came out of the refrigerator. The grocery store label clearly stated, “Keta Salmon.” At that time, it didn’t dawn on me what a “Keta” was and then I saw the price t...[more]

October 2017

Fall is often a time when anglers are busy concentrating on our various salmon species in local rivers and salt water but for those that don’t care to fight the crowds or don’t have a way to access the salmon waters then look to some great trout fishing instead. With the lowland lakes general season closing at the end of the month it will be your last opportunity to target some of the most product...[more]

Temperatures are dropping and the leaves are changing color so it would seem an unlikely time to be thinking about getting into kayak fishing. Yet there really isn't a better time to be thinking about making your first fishing kayak purchase. Kayak retailers will be looking to clear out retail space for the holidays and make way for 2018 models. This usually means good discounts for the savvy shop...[more]

The vibrant reds and golds of the sunset washed over my eyes while the soothing breaking of the surf on the beach lulled me in to a state of Zen-like bliss. I watched as the surfers braved the frigid waters and attempted to get up on breaking waves and ride in to shore on their boards. All around me people took in the sunset signaling the end of another beautiful day in this slice of Pacific North...[more]

If you’re like most Pike fisherman you either switch to ice fishing with dead bait or give up all together when the weather starts turning cold, but if you put into practice what I’m about to share with you here you can catch some big Pike all winter long and I do this fishing from the comfort of my boat using only lures. I release all my pike so I never deadbait them. I've had days where my partn...[more]

September 2017

Launching the drift boat we pushed off into the glacial silt water running from the base of Mt. Adams. A few quick strokes of the oars and then the anchor dropped. We had simply slid from one side of the river to the other where a deep slot ran along the basalt rock bank. The move over was simply a ploy to keep our hole as other boats had pulled in behind us to launch in the Klickitat river canyon...[more]