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Featured Lakes
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Read Featured Lake article for Trap
As I hiked up to Trap I saw bear, deer and various other wild life. When I got to the lake I was in bliss! It was a perfect day to go fishing...but isn't everyday. Really this is a lake I will take my kid to when she grows. The lake is small but it's beauty is enormous. Fishing is keen with crystal clear waters and hardly nothing to get caught up on I want to go here when I die. I think there is cutts and bows in it all native cause there's no road access the fish are beautiful and not afraid ...
  Location Reports: Trap - Chelan County Reports - Rating: Rating
Read Featured Lake article for Merwin
Muskie Overview by Don Wittenberger:Merwin Lake is a hydropower reservoir located about 35 air miles northwest of Portland on the North Fork of the Lewis River, which flows 93 miles from Mt. Adams to the Columbia River. The lower reach of this river is an important migratory salmon and steelhead stream and endangered bull trout inhabit portions of the watershed, including Yale and Merwin lakes. (The bull trout can’t reproduce in Merwin Lake, but some come down fromYale Lake above.) Merw...
  Location Reports: Merwin - Cowlitz County Reports - Rating: Rating
Read Featured Lake article for Grieder
A buddy and hiked into the Greider Lakes area and fished the upper (big) lake. This was a quick overnighter and I didn't have much time to fish. I did manage to catch a couple of very small rainbows near the NW shoreline of the upper lake, using a Kastmaster lure. I read an earlier report in which another hiker used a blue & chrome Kastmater lure with success in the higher lakes. I'll second that motion, and my color combo of choice is the same - blue & chrome. For some reason, trout seem to go...
  Location Reports: Grieder - Snohomish County Reports - Rating: Rating
Read Featured Lake article for Lichtenwasser
Date:: 09/12/03Made my first trip to this alpine lake up on Steven's pass with my buddy Jason. We started about 4 in the afternoon so we knew we needed to get a move on and hike fast to get back to the car by 8. Well, we ran into a STEEP hike, and the "trail" was muddy and quite slick. Anyway, took about an hour to get up to the lake, and once we did we started fishing ASAP. I threw my line out with a yellow and orange roostertail and had a fighting Cutt on the first cast. On...
  Location Reports: Lichtenwasser - Chelan County Reports - Rating: Rating
Read Featured Lake article for Stuart
Excellent fishing and beautiful scenery for the price of a moderately strenuous five mile hike. If this sounds good, you might want to visit Stuart Lake in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness Area.Stuart Lake is at 5600 feet elevation in the Enchantment Mountain range. It is about a 30 acre lake with clear water and easy fishing access in many places. The lake has a very healthy population of gorgeous cutthroat trout. I found the fish to be very hard hitting and in 3 and a half hours of fishing...
  Location Reports: Stuart - Chelan County Reports - Rating: Rating
Read Featured Lake article for Panther
By Bob Johansen – July 2007 Kitsap and Mason Counties share this Panther Lake (One of many in Washington State). It covers 105 surface acres with a maximum depth of about 25 feet and is located at 497 feet of elevation. The water is lightly stained and as in all lakes varies a little in clarity from season to season. Fish species known to me at this time are rainbow trout, largemouth bass, pumpkinseed sunfish and sculpin. The lake has a small WDFW public access area. It is very narrow...
  Location Reports: Panther - Kitsap County Reports - Rating: Rating
Read Featured Lake article for Chiwaukum
Date:: August 31 through September 2, 2001Thanks-to:: Mike MacGregorCHIWAUKUM LAKE (& HONOUR LAKE)Nestled at 5,210 feet (1) to the east of the Chiwaukum Mountains in the northeast corner of the Alpine Lakes Wilderness of the Wenatchee National Forest, this alpine lake may be reached via Trail #1571 or #1574. The lake contains eastern brook. The WDFW reports rainbow and cutthroat also (2); yet none of the fishermen I spoke to had caught any and nor did I: it is very po...
  Location Reports: Chiwaukum - Chelan County Reports - Rating: Rating
Read Featured Lake article for Colchuck
I Hiked off trail up and over the shoulder of Cannon Mt., descended to Coney Lk., ascended again, then descended to Earl Lk. on the Lost world Plateau. Mesa, Earl, and Shield lake all provided excellent action for small (6-10 inch) Cutthroats. I took them on a deer hair emerger pattern and then a green wooly bugger stripped just below the surface.Sunday I made the trek up and out to Asgaard Pass and down to Colchuck. I fished the upper end, directly below the pass. Nothing.I made my way aro...
  Location Reports: Colchuck - Chelan County Reports - Rating: Rating
Read Featured Lake article for Rufus Woods
By Mike and Susan EmersonDec 14, 2000This lake is part of the Columbia River that is backed up by Chief Joseph Dam. There is a very nice boat ramp at Bridgeport State Park and also one behind the dam. This lake has all species of fish that is in the Columbia River. It has a 2 fish limit on rainbow per day, and for all other game fish the statewide rules apply, including Walleyes. They have been catching rainbows trolling along the bank edge. Also, they have caught some large rainbo...
  Location Reports: Rufus Woods - Douglas County Reports - Rating: Rating
Read Featured Lake article for Alta
Dec 26, 2000By Mike and Susan EmersonAlta Lake is a 170 acre lake located in Okanogan County, about 1 1/2 miles west of Pateros on Hwy. 153. It was planted with 36,000 rainbow fry in the Spring of 2000; no larger plants were put in. The lake is a deep, clear oval lake with mountainous cliffs on one side and the State Park, a resort and homes on the other side and ends. Can get windy as the picture of the boat launch shows. Trolling along the rocks using a small spinner such as a roost...
  Location Reports: Alta - Okanogan County Reports - Rating: Rating
Read Featured Lake article for Petit
The easiest and most scenic way to reach Petit is to go north out of Priest River, ID on highway 57 for about 25 miles. When you reach Kalispell Creek Rd. you turn left and follow the the creek back into Washington. The lake is about 12 mi from the highway. There is an unimproved campground with just a few sites next to the lake.While enjoying this lake, caution should be taken because it is bear country, both grizzlie and brown. If camping up there, use the common sense practices. And...
  Location Reports: Petit - Pend Oreille County Reports - Rating: Rating
Read Featured Lake article for Yocum
There are two access routes into Yocum Lake. Each in independent from the other. Both are roads exiting off of LeClerc Creek Road. The south entrance road is about 1/4 mile north of the old Chapel Hill Store. This road will take you up to the south end of the lake where there is a rough boat launch. Small trailered aluminum boats can be launched from there if you have a 4 x 4 vehicle. The ramp is uneven and quite steep. Otherwise it is a good launch for car-topper boats, float tubes and ...
  Location Reports: Yocum - Pend Oreille County Reports - Rating: Rating
Read Featured Lake article for Clear
By Mike EmersonClear lake in Spokane County is a nice, rustic lake that has many attractions to recommend it. Directions-Go west on I-90 from Spokane and take the Salnave Rd exit #264. Turn right on Salnave and go to the intersection of Salnave and Clear Lake Rd. At the intersection you will see three signs directing you to the resorts on the lake, (1 military resort & 2 public resorts) . To reach the resort on the south end of the lake go straight on ...
  Location Reports: Clear - Spokane County Reports - Rating: Rating
Read Featured Lake article for Tomyhoi
The lake is relatively shallow (8-15 feet) for 100-200 yards on the south end. Unfortunately, the bottom is mostly dead wood or sand from the inlet: not much vegetation. The west side of the lake is deeper than any other part. Looking at a topographical map will give you a good idea of the lake’s topography. Noticed mostly chironomids and caddis hatching. Surface temperature was 52-54 degrees. (Inlet temperature was 48 degrees.) The lake has many logs both drifting on the surface and sub...
  Location Reports: Tomyhoi - Whatcom County Reports - Rating: Rating
Read Featured Lake article for Suprise
This is a wonderful hike to two beautiful alpine lakes with good fishing. Surprise Lake is located just west of Stevens Pass along Hwy. 2. Going eastbound on Hwy. 2, about ten miles east from the town of Skykomish, and just before the big bend in the highway, take a right on an unmarked road near the old site of Scenic. Cross the railroad tracks and stay to your right until you come to the trailhead. Trail park passes required. The four mile hike to Surprise lake has a moderate elevat...
  Location Reports: Suprise - King County Reports - Rating: Rating
Read Featured Lake article for Trout (Alpine)
I decided my body needed a hike, so after dropping the kids at school I drove out to explore this Alpine lake. Not to be confused with the other Trout lake in King county, this lake is located a dozen miles or so east of Skykomish. Go 1.8 miles east of Skykomish, turn right on the Foss River road, go 4 miles or so to the East Foss River road, turn on to it and follow to the end, about 4 1/2 miles. The hike is a leasurily 1.5 miles, starting out on a rocky trail that ascends at a easy pace. Cros...
  Location Reports: Trout (Alpine) - King County Reports - Rating: Rating
Read Featured Lake article for Silver
By Mike CareyDec 15, 2003Whatcom County is the home of one of nine Silver Lakes in the State of Washington. With that many Silver lakes, it would be easy to loss track of one. Which would be a shame in this Silver lake's case. This lake is a destination lake located northeast of Bellingham. The lake holds rainbow and cutthroat, as well as largemouth bass, and it is planted yearly. At 173 acres it is the right size to explore either with or without power. Maximum depth is approximately 2...
  Location Reports: Silver - Whatcom County Reports - Rating: Rating
Read Featured Lake article for Long
By: Bob Johansen Photos by: Mike Carey Thurston County’s Long Lake is quite large, covering 311 surface acres and reaching depths of about 20 feet. It is located at 153 feet of elevation and the water is slightly stained. It contains several species of fish including largemouth bass, rock bass, yellow perch, black crappie, warmouth bass, pumpkinseed sunfish and rainbow and brown trout. Trout fishing is good during the early spring and fall. Most trout fishermen fish from ...
  Location Reports: Long - Thurston County Reports - Rating: Rating
Read Featured Lake article for Offut
April 12, 2001By Becky Pogue Offut Lake, located 15 minutes SE of Olympia is open for fishing year round. Often referred to as "Thurston County's best kept secret", this 197 acre spring fed lake has a 5 MPH speed limit. Perfect for the bait or fly fisherman. Anglers are delighted with the abundance of Rainbow trout, bass, perch and bluegill. Spring and early summer are best for trout, try some power bait off the bottom or troll a Wedding Ring tipped with a night crawler, T...
  Location Reports: Offut - Thurston County Reports - Rating: Rating
Read Featured Lake article for McMurray
April 6, 2002By Mike CareyMcMurray lake is one of the more popular Opening Day lakes. And for good reason. Each year the lake puts out good numbers of planted and hold-over rainbow trout. The Opening Day crowd is intense, so plan on leaving early if you want to find a parking spot for your trailer. Overflow parking is the norm, as the nice sized parking lot fills up early. McMurray holds rainbow, yellow perch, large mouth bass, and black crappie. It is 160 acres. Public access is on...
  Location Reports: McMurray - Skagit County Reports - Rating: Rating
Read Featured Lake article for Omak
Located in north central Washington, seven miles SE of the town of Omak on the Colville Indian Reservation in the Okanogan region, Omak Lake is a seldom-visited jem of a lake that holds a healthy population of Lahontan Cutthroat trout. Indeed, this lake holds the state record for a Lahontan cutthroat caught by Dan Beardslee on July 1, 1993 – a whopping 18.04 pounds!Omak Lake is big, 3,244 acres and over seven miles long. It sits at 950 feet elevation and is 325 feet deep. The scenery is...
  Location Reports: Omak - Okanogan County Reports - Rating: Rating
Read Featured Lake article for Pearrygin
By Susan and Mike EmersonNov 1, 2000This beautiful desert lake has rainbow trout that have been know to grow to a husky size. It also is a good skiing and jet skiing lake but they seem pretty nice to leave you alone. There are two resorts plus the state park onthe lake. It is full of beautiful rainbows. Trolling works for the spring plants but still fishing at the south end of the lake nets you the big ones. Power bait works best. Pearrygin lake also has good shore fishing but you ...
  Location Reports: Pearrygin - Okanogan County Reports - Rating: Rating
Read Featured Lake article for Wannacut
Aug 2, 2002By John KruseWANNACUT LAKE – OKANOGAN LAKE Blue skies and deep waters in the rugged Okanogan country. That’s the setting for this excellent rainbow trout fishery in North Central Washington.The lake is 411 acres, surrounded by hills of sagebrush and pine. There’s a smattering of summer cabins and year round homes on the lake, as well as a good WDFW access area and boat launch at the south end. There is a resort on the lake, and other accommodations are found in Oroville...
  Location Reports: Wannacut - Okanogan County Reports - Rating: Rating
Read Featured Lake article for Diamond
Sept 29, 2002By Michael EmersonDiamond Lake is a 754 acre lake that that holds rainbow and cutthroat, some large and small mouth bass and yellow perch (may hold catfish, by what some locals say). Before we started to fish the lake, we read that the lake had been poisoned out because of the illegal stocking of spiny rays, but we found that not to be true because we caught some perch and saw others fishing for and catching bass. Even though there was an illegal stocking of spiny rays, t...
  Location Reports: Diamond - Pend Oreille County Reports - Rating: Rating
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