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Outdoor Gear
 Life Proof Boats
Website: Contact: 360-674-7019
Life Proof Boats are built for anything life can throw at you. Our boats incorporate the newest technologies that IMS (Inventech Marine Solutions, our parent company) has spent the last year developing. Choosing from our base models and available variants, any boater can be matched with a Life Proof Boat that suits their needs. You will find a boat that offers unmatched quality and safety. All of our boats are built with buoyancy collars for stability & redundant flotation, self-bailing decks, shock mitigated technologies, commercial built construction, and commercial grade materials. These characteristics make our boats stand out from the competition. Our boats can handle whatever life can throw at you.
 natenez - King County Lake Bouy
Website: Contact: *
Have trouble finding fish? This Windows Phone application will display the temperature, at different depths, for Lake Washington and Lake Sammamish. The data comes from the weather bouys located on each lake, which are managed by King County.
 O'Loughlin Trade Shows
Website: Contact: 503-736-5247
O'Loughlin Trade Shows is the West's Largest Producer of Consumer Trade Shows. With over sixty years of experience producing events, O'Loughlin is currently producing Sportsmen, Boat and RV shows in Oregon and Washington.
 Work Sharp
Website: Contact: 1-800-597-6170
The Work Sharp Knife & Tool Sharpener is the first knife sharpener designed to sharpen every knife you own. Using flexible abrasive belts, the sharpener is able to sharpen not just straight bladed knives, but also curved knives, tanto blades, filet knives, serrated knives, gut hooks and virtually any other shape of knife blade. The Knife & Tool Sharpener uses precision angle sharpening guides to ensure that you get the proper angle every time. Visit our website to see all our sharpening products!