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Hancock Lake Report
King County, WA


Rainbow Trout

Thought it might be helpful to others to post a Hancock Lake report. I have fished the lake 5 times this late spring and summer w/ the latest experience of August 2,2007 AM . I have caught nothing but stunted trout! They are trout from 6-12" that have large heads and skinny bodies. This lake has been fished hard over the last couple of years and in my opinion, i think it's in trouble.The lake has an inlet and a outlet and should be an excellent watershed for natural spawning but i don't think that is happening to keep things in balance.

It's just one guy's opinion but i think the lake has been over harvested!In fact, i spoke w/ a guy this morning who said he has fished Black lake many times this year w/o catching a fish and he feels that it has been fished out.He said the previous year that he saw on many occasions guys w/ stringers of 18" trout. Guess what!

Hancock charges $200/person to fish on their property and in my opinion, it's NOT worth it!


8/3/2007 1:24:00 AM
Large heads and skinny bodies would make me think there's not enough natural food in the lake for the trout to survive on, and especially to thrive on.
8/3/2007 9:41:00 AM
Thanks for the report -My heart has a soft spot from Hancock. Spend many enjoyable days on the water in the past and my oldest son caught his first fish there more than 30 years ago

Without fail a lake with stunted fish - slow growing trout with large head and poor body condition - is one with excessive fish numbers not one suffering from over fishing. More fish than food if you will.

I my first fishing experiences on the lake occurred in the early 1960s and at that time the only fish were brookies and rainbows with many fish in the 10 to 16 range and the occassional larger fish. The downslide in the first began in the 1970s with the introduction of cutthroat into the lake. The cutthroat have been able to take advantage of the trib. streams you referred to for successful spawning. The cutts are much more able to take advantage of small streams than the rainbows. The secondary problem with the cutts is that they have hybridized with the rainbows and from the reports I have heard from long time anglers on the lake the number of "pure" rainbows is quite low.

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