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Potholes Lake Report
Grant County, WA



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My last report I had the date wrong so not sure how to correct that but should have been May 10th. Now on to today~ well I guess my boat whoas rubbed off on Joe from Lake Chelan Adventures because he called me Saturday saying he had to cancel as he blew his motor and had to get a new one! Sorry Joe, I should have warned you I was curese!

Anyway, so we had to come up with another plan so Scott said he had some things to do and then we would take the kids over to the Potholes for some Walleye fishing. I took advantage of the free morning and trolled around Park lake and picked up a few on Toni's Orange thing that I got at the Chelan adventure and a sling blade from "fishing with Gary" so that was kind of cool!

At 9am I pulled the boat out and noticed I had a low tire on the trailer! Man does it ever end? I had just got 3 brand new tires put on at Les Scwabb just so I wouldn't have to worry about things like this so headed to Ephrata to pick up the kiids and dropped off my tire to the Les Scwabb there. While getting the paper work I told the gal working there I would be back later to pick up after fishing the Potholes. She said we should fish the area along the dam by Mar Don resort as it was hot there!

We took her advise and launched just east of Mar Don and started our troll along the dam~ not this is not that easy with a 7 year old and 11 year old and two guys in my little boat but before we could even get a second line down, it was fish on!! A nice little 15"er so we were doing high 5's and knuckle bumps thinking we were in for a hot day of fishing.. NOT!

That was it!! Finally about 2:30 the kids were getting restluss and our nerves were shot so we headed in with our 1 walleye but I made out ok as since it wasn't enough to feed his family, he let me take it back to camp and I made a killer walleye taco for dinner!!

When I picked up my tire she told me they had not fully screwed on the valve stem and it was a good thing I didn't blow out a tire while on the road!! Said my blessings and not sure where I will end of fishing the next few days but will make the best of it. Cell coverage is spotty at best and this is the first time i was able to access internet but that is good I guess since really I am on vacation and should not be checking e-mails from work!! haha

See you on the water!!


5/13/2014 10:50:00 PM
Hey Barry, Finished off the salmon and salmon spread the next day after the pot luck at Chelan....yum! At least you caught the tire before it really became an issue. No work while on vacation,,,,yeh right I never do that!! I'm headed for Hayden this Saturday; we'll see how it goes.
Tight lines - Alan
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Available Fishing Guide:
Website: Ross Outdoor Adventures

Phone: (509) 750-7763