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Clear Lake Report
Pierce County, WA



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I started the morning out turning onto the main road to have crows and peacocks crossing the road. Then I turned onto hiway 161 to have an elk cross the road in front of me. Not my normal drive to Clear Lake.

I launched today to see if the improvements to my motors (gas tanks and lines) were good. They were good in the driveway but that isn’t “in the field”.
Big motor started easy and I backed away from the ramp with it tilted up. When I put it down to go forward it started to die and would not idle and it smoked real bad. I got it going and went fast to help clear things out. I stopped then starting the kicker to troll and it started on 3rd pull, much better than in the past. I started fishing about 7:30am.

I trolled the deep area of the lake and didn’t see any fish on the fish finder. I am using my old portable because my Lowrance 5 Elite Chirp died and I had to send it to them. I am awaiting my replacement from Tennessee. I finally found a school and tried to stay with them. This was at 8:30. I started getting bites. But I was wondering why I didn’t get any in the boat. Then I remembered the last time I was out and only got a little one. Sure enough first fish in the boat was an 8 inch kokanee. I am keeping it!! I got one on that I saw but just as soon as I saw it, it was gone. Then I hooked into a bigger one which I heaved over the side and into the boat. All these came from 8:30 to 9am. After that I only had a bite or 2 so I left close to 10am.

The water temp was 73 and I got all the fish at 30-36 feet on the downriggers. I used Dick Nite dodgers in Brass Chartreuse Tractor Tread and Wannafish A Lure Mini Bloody Mary’s. The small fish was 8 inches and the big one 13 inches. I invited the little one to lunch.

We are in a battle! Angler against fish! We need an arsenal of weapons and at my site you will find some of those different weapons. For all those who wannafish a lure come in and take a look at WannafishALure.com.
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7/26/2015 7:52:00 PM
Nice looking fish. Also, thank you for the tips in your report. I'm just starting out and caught my first at Clear today. I think I saw you on the lake... sounds kind of stalker-ish. I recognized from watching videos on youtube about Kokanee fishing. :-)
7/26/2015 8:11:00 PM
You are welcome for the tips. :)
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