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09 - Pasco to Hanford Report



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This is a report for Tuesday September 27th at 3:00pm through Friday September 30th at 2:00pm. So basically 2 full days and 2 part days of fishing. The area fished was from Ringold to the Powerline hole, which sits next to the old Hanford Township. 4 rods were being fished at all times. Mostly two guys in the boat, but Tuesday afternoon we had a third, as my brother in law from Pasco joined us. Our fishing technique was exclusively back-trolling flatfish - mostly Yakima Hawg Nose 5.5's, but a few Kwikfish in the mix. All plugs carried a tuna wrap. Most of the time we used Jumbo jet divers but in certain places we flatlined.

Tuesday afternoon was good. Got on the water about 3:00 from the Parking 7 launch and got three before dark. Got them all between the launch and the power lines.

Wednesday was epic. On the water before daybreak. One of us limited (3) at 9:00, the other at 11:37. All in the neighborhood of the Parking 7 launch (within a mile of it). Just one of those days when you can do no wrong, we found the fish and boated them.

So brimming with confidence, we were once again on the water before daybreak on Thursday. But we just couldn't find the biters, only a few drive-by hits but no real take downs. So we drive down to Ringold to see if they were down there. We tried one hole for an hour or so with nothing happening. So we went to another hole, where we boated three three pretty quickly (one jack and two adults). Finally got a little something going! And then the hole went dead, no biters for an hour or so. Then we motored back up the Powerline hole and ground it out for the rest of the day, getting three more. So one of us limited and the other came within a half inch of limiting as his jack was 23-1/2 inches. All in all a good day, we can't complain, but not the epic day we had on Wednesday.

Friday was also tough early, but it was a different scenario. We got several hits and take downs and even a couple good fights, but it doesn't count unless you can get it him the boat. Then it went dead. Being the impatient type, we motored down to Ringold again and the same thing happened, got some bites and take downs but we just couldn't seem to boat them. Then when that hole went dead, we motored back up to the Powerline hole. We had intended to be off the water and on our way home to Idaho by 1:00, but we just couldn't stand the idea of being skunked. So we stuck it out. Finally got a nice 19 pounder at 2:00 almost directly underneath the power lines. Called it good and took our fish to the butcher in Pasco who processes all our fish.

So the final score on the week was 16 fish in the boat: 3 on Tuesday, 6 on Wednesday, 6 on Thursday (counting the jack), and 1 on Friday. Oh, and one incidental 13 inch trout. Strangest thing I ever saw, I would have never believed a trout could get all three barbs of a hook that big into his mouth, but he did. None of the fish were real huge, I think the biggest were a couple in the 19-20lb range. Came home with 108lbs of fillets this time.

With the fish not being huge, we only took one pic all week, I'll attach it. This is my buddy Alex holding one of the bigger fish he got.


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Available Fishing Guide:
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