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Riffe Lake Report
Lewis County, WA



86° - 90°

Met up with fishing partner, 'Motorboat'.... made the 2.5 hr. drive to Riffe lake. The lake is VERY low currently, and the launch was a bit interesting. You back down, very steeply, what must be like 1200', to the lake. There is a dock at the waters edge which helps for securing boat, and the put-in is good.

We headed towards the dam at about 0800. The wind was quite heavy, with white caps, etc. Eventually it died down, and was beautiful all day.

We started marking fish easily on the opposite side of the launch as we approached the dam. Picked up our first fish here, a solid 16-18" Silver. 'Motoboat' was pulling a mini-hootchie behind a sling blade. I was pulling the Elgin-God's Tooth spoon, frog pattern. I have been reading nothing but good things about the God's tooth spoons, as well as the 'Old goat' lures, and I picked up one of each color of the God's tooth. I got my first fish in this same area on the God's Tooth.

We did a turn around at the dam. Marked a lot of fish in this area, and I know that it is a popular spot for many people. We then followed that far shore line opposite the launch going away from the dam. We followed it all day long. Fished primarily mini-hootchies, sling blades. I did pull some larger kwik fish plugs way down deep, but nada...

From this point on it was one fish after the other. Wayne put a limit of 5, 16-18" Silvers in the cooler. I could not seem to tap into the larger fish. My rod went off all day long with the 8-10" variety. Along the way we pulled into a couple of very cool remote coves. We through some Senkos, bass gear, etc. pulled up a dink smallmouth, and Wayne also caught a 12" smallmouth via trolling hootchies.

As most of your know, the lake holds many landlocked silvers, which the landlocked salmon fall under the state trout rules of 5 fish limits.

Wayne is set with a smoker load of feeish!

Fish were caught between 80-110' of water, in 200' of water column, down riggers, etc. Color of the hootchies did not seem to matter.

Very cool place down there. Very remote. Props to the park... no charge to enter past the gate guard dude, AND... no charge for boat launch, nice bathrooms, what more could you ask for. (-:


8/26/2017 7:19:37 AM
Thanks for the report. I think you launched at Mossy Rock? TPU doesn't charge on Weekdays. This "low" is the new normal.
The Quadfather
8/26/2017 9:52:49 AM
Yes, Toni.. Mossyrock. Yeah, I am familiar with low lake level launches, mostly just wanted people to know that even though the lake is super low, the launch is very good.
8/26/2017 8:01:33 AM
Great report Quad
8/26/2017 11:57:27 AM
Action was so fast and furious we almost...........ALMOST............forgot about the Eclipse! Quad, thanks for sharing the eclipse glasses and das boat ride!
8/26/2017 11:58:44 AM
Forgot to mention one fish, the one in my right hand was a nice sized Cutthroat!
8/27/2017 1:02:56 AM
Forgot to mention one fish, the one in my right hand was a nice sized Cutthroat!
8/26/2017 6:55:41 PM
Thanks for your report and trying out the God's Tooth. We really appreciate your support and great to read of your success!:)
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