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Roesiger Lake Report
Snohomish County, WA


46° - 50°

Last time I fished Roesiger was May 29, 2016. I recall larger sized rainbows (13" anyway) and vowed to return for more.
I started with my classic setup for rainbows with pop gear and a woolly bugger + trout attractant on line #1 and a cutthroat setup with clown DD dodger and god's tooth 50/50 with night crawler attractant on line#2.
No takers after a spin, so increased my leader length on the cutthroat setup to about 16". Changed out my rainbow setup for a Kokanee rigging with silver dodger and smile blade + Mack's Kokanee orange-yellow-green, with one hook bated with maggot + kokanee dipping sauce. Downrigger to 20, 30, 40' deep when possible.
Tremendous numbers of fish marked at a few specific locations, typically at 29 or 39' deep in 30-50' floor.
Wind was a problem. I was just putting out my second line when a HUGE GUST hit off the starboard and immediately sent my boat into a 180 degree change! I stopped trolling and drifted in about 35' floor near the bottom and above where marking fish. Tried my maggot setup, then a orange, pink hoochie with night crawler scent. Not a stickn bite! Kind of discouraged today, wondering why I was bothering...?
If anyone reads this and has some encouraging ideas- much appreciated. Thanks.


11/24/2017 11:23:48 PM
Hi FishingTenor! Thanks for your report and support! Wanted to share, I hope are, some future ideas that will help when using the God's Tooth spoons. For cutts, or any trout fishing for that matter, if a pattern is not getting any action in 5 to 10 minutes, it is important to change it out and try another. For cutts, 50/50 gold, 50/50 blue, frog, and perch patterns are great to cycle through first if needed. Also, the fish may not like a dodger so can be a great idea to use the basic set up which includes using a duo lock snap or loop knot attached to the God's Tooth split ring. For kokanee or cutts, I mainly use a dodger with the God's Tooth kokanee trolling rig which involves a double hook set up. Wasn't sure if you were using that rig or not. With the kokanee trolling rig double hook set up, you are ready to add a couple of pieces of corn/maggots and you are kokanee fishing. Great kokanee patterns are 50/50 gold, 50/50 blue, pink, green, and orange. I have pre-tied leader lengths of 10", 13", 14" and 16" for the kokanee trolling rigs. I mainly use the 14" leader for cutts. There is a video on our website showing how to rig if you have questions. I hope some or all this info is helpful to you in the future:)
11/25/2017 11:29:35 AM
Did you motor through the shallow narrows to the upper lake? I’ve caught them in the northern half on dodger hootchies but not in the smaller southern half of the lake
11/25/2017 2:42:43 PM
Upper part of the lake seems best for Kokanee. There is currently not a lot of zooplankton in the lake for the kokes to feed on, so they aren't going to be real active right now. That lake does have cutts, but not a ton of them, a lot more rainbows in the lake. I've found that lake shuts down for trout when the temps drop below 50 degrees. I actually have better luck in the winter around here for rainbows fishing close to bottom because if there is no hatch, that is where they will mostly be feeding. Yes check out R Elgin YouTube page for rigging tips for the God's Tooth.
11/25/2017 4:35:11 PM
Thanks for your comments. I was trolling the parameter of deeper section of the closest lake to the boat launch. This was very productive for rainbows back in 2016. I would love to check out the other sections as mentioned. Need to bring my larger boat for that journey. There were a couple of nice gentlemen yesterday who caught 4 rainbows with power bait and worms in the shallow sections of the first lake. I marked a lot of fish near where I was fishing. There were so many that I assumed they were bass or perch, but I suppose they could be bows...?
ElginFishing, when would you use Gods tooth in Fast action versus slow action connection?
11/25/2017 5:31:06 PM
With the God's Tooth, I start off much more picky about pattern than action. Fish very often will strike a pattern set on fast and slow action settings. I guess what I think will work pattern wise. Whichever action I start with, I usually stay with that action for about 3 or 4 patterns if no activity during that time. I then will switch the action of the spoon and continue cycling new patterns to include trying patterns I already tried. With there being 12 patterns, there is essentially 24 options. Usually, the fish will be interested in 3 to 4 of those options presented but I really stress the importance of frequent change outs when needed to find out what they want.
11/25/2017 8:01:04 PM
Rainbows on the west side can be tough to troll for in the winter. A lot of times bottom fishing can be more productive in the winter. I hate bottom fishing bait though, so I troll. Cutts seem to like winter this side of the mountains more than the bows do.
11/25/2017 8:19:42 PM
Thanks Josh, I am not too much into bottom fishing either. Bores the heck out of me, but seems to be the ticket when trolling is not successful. Same thing when weather is really hot.
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