18 - Lake Roosevelt South End to Spokane Confluence Fishing Report

Sorry for the late report. As most of us know though the winter fishing pattern for Roosevelt doesn't change all too much once the water cools down in Fall. My buddy and I started fishing the mouth of the Spokane and caught two fish on our way out to the main river so we thought we'd try seven bays towards the mouth of Hawk Creek. Picked up two more fish right at the mouth of Hawk Creek, one a nice 18" native that went back unharmed. Didn't get another fish up into Hawk Creek so we pulled up gear and went back into the mouth of the Spokane, good decision in my little 16' boat as the waves out in the main river were getting bigger. In the calm waters of the Spokane we finished out our limits in the next hour and a half. Hot fly for the day was orange as it caught 10 of our 11 fish. The native came on a yellow I was trying out. But at the end of the day there were two orange on both rods and they were both catching fish. Our other boat tried some other gear and had 3 fish for the day. Talked to some guys at the launch and they had about the same success using other gear as well. Hopefully the next day they were able to get some more with the flies I gave them.

Depths on the downriggers were 7 and 12 feet again. Straight fly, no flasher or dodger with a chunk of worm on the main hook. Speed was 2 to 2.4 mph on a GPS. Water temp said 51 but kept guessing how accurate that was. Can anyone confirm?

All in all another great Thanksgiving weekend trip. Finished the day up at the Ft Spokane store for dinner then back to the campground for a fire and staying the night with my brothers and nephew.

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Two Brothers #1
12/3/2017 10:25 AM
Thanks for the report Dave, sounds like it was fun for all, and got some fish along the way. My Brother and I are going to get back out there again soon. Your flies are # 1, take care.
12/3/2017 6:56 PM
Thanks for the kind words about the flies. Good luck to you guys when you head out there. Nothin like fishing with brothers!
12/3/2017 11:52 AM
About the only way to improve on a good day on the water is to camp out after. Well done and thanks for the report.
12/3/2017 6:58 PM
I couldn't agree more! Plus the only other people in the campground during this time of year are fellow fishermen. Thanks!
12/5/2017 9:09 AM
Great report Dave! Hope to get back out someday soon.
12/7/2017 9:01 AM
We were out the same day. We launched at Lincoln and motored to Hawk Creek. Caught 2 small fish there and it was pretty slow, so we headed down-river to Whitestone area (sounds like we should have gone up-river to the Confluence). 2 of us ended up with 8 fish caught on jointed (J-9) Rapalas off the planer board and dodgerwith black/orange flies 12' deep on the rigger. I can confirm your water temperature reading of 51 degrees. We were surprised with how warm it was also.