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Samish Lake Report
Whatcom County, WA



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I had a few hours unaccounted for so the boat and I decided to go fish kokanee at lake Samish. We (the boat and I) arrived at the launch around 6:30 and the Whatcom County AIS team was set up and inspecting boats. I had already taken the AIS course and had the certificate with me so I got 10.00 off my annual AIS sticker fee. The AIS personal and I yakked it up for a while but I was still on the lake by 7:00. I started fishing just out from the ramp. The lake was flat and glassy and there were kokanee jumping all over the place. It was going to be a good day!

I started and finished the day with a painted Arrow Flash dodger on one side of the boat and a hammered 50/50 Arrow Flash dodger on the other. I ran a small double hooked spinner set up off the painted dodger and a 50/50 God’s Tooth with a double hook set up off the 50/50 dodger. Both rigs were baited with plain tuna corn. For the most part I flat lined one rig and chased meter marks with the other. My trolling speed varied between 1.2-1.4 mph (my kicker in gear at an idle). It was kind of an odd day; all of my downrigger fish were at 26’. But that said, between the two poles it was game on coming out of the box, it was like fishing in a barrel. I had multiple drive-bys, doubles and although I only kept 1 fish I had a limit by the time I put the boat back on the trailer.

Most of the fish caught were a nice recruitment of fat 13” cutthroat. In Lake Samish the cutts have to be a minimum of 14” and I weeded through a lot of fish before kept a 18” cutty. Although cutthroat were the main fish on stage this is a kokanee report. I figure that most of the drive-by were kokanee, I had a number of kokanee on that ended in a long release and released 4 smaller kokanee.

With the water temperature hovering at around 56-57 degrees the lake conditions were ideal. A couple of the pictures show meter marks. I would have said that they were kokanee but as it turned out they were schools of cutthroat, very strange for Lake Samish. It was a fun few hours chasing kokanee and good use of my unaccounted-for time.


5/4/2018 8:01:20 AM
Congrats on a fun day and thanks for your report and giving the God's Tooth a workout! :)
5/4/2018 8:51:13 AM
An interesting spoon. I'm kind of known for fishing custom gear; whether it be alternate uses for existing commercial products or developing my own. I have read a lot about your God's Tooth spoon but being stubborn to the core I hadn't tried it yet.

I was at my local leave the checkbook at home store, Holiday Sports a few days ago and saw a few of them hiding on a wall peg and decided to give them a better home.

I rigged them on a two hook set-up with a bead and committed a day to fishing them. As rigged I was quite impressed with the erattic motion. After my first day running them I'll include them in my usual Kokanee arsonal. Although, I may attack a few with an airbrush...

Thanks for the inovative design and I am a bit courious about the name "God's Tooth".
5/4/2018 11:43:30 AM
Thanks for your support rseas, we really appreciate it! I named the spoon God's Tooth because I thought it kind of looked like a tooth and it was my own personal way of giving God the credit for placing the idea in my heart. It is a blessing to read of folks having success with it :)
5/5/2018 12:03:11 PM
Great to see you got out Randy. That lake still owes me some fish! If you want to slow down you may try the smallest Yamaha T8 prop. It will make a big difference. We really need to get you an iTroll too. I'll work on that one.
Tight lines - Alan
"The Experiment Must Continue.
PS Elgin - Loved how you arrived at the name of your lure. Need to get some and give them a run here in Eastern WA.
5/6/2018 10:04:36 AM
Thank you for the idea. I do have the shorter pitch prop on my 9.9 and thought about doingthe T8 prop but didn't want to give up my bistering top speed of 6.8 mph. In addition to being my trolling motor my 9.9 is also the back-up ride home. Regarding the iTroll, it's on my list but being retired now everything on my list has a savings plan associated with it...
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