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Riley Lake Report
Snohomish County, WA



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After spending the past 2 months kokanee fishing, and with the earlier and earlier sunrises, I really did not feel like having the alarm go off at 2:30am this morning, I wanted to just do some mindless fishing. I've never been to Lake Riley before, so today seemed like the perfect opportunity! I got on the lake and was fishing about 7:30 this morning.

Started off with both lines on the downriggers. 1 line running a 50/50 Elgin Fishing God's Tooth Spoon, the other line a God's Tooth in a frog pattern. Downriggers set at 5 feet, and the other I was following the bottom contour, and ran that one as deep as 25 feet. After a little bit, the 5 foot depth line had all of the action, so I pulled up the 1 downrigger and just flat-lined the 50/50 at 75 feet back. It was hard keeping fish off of that line the rest of the day. the other line was getting a little action, but still a bit slow, so I pulled it off the downrigger as well. I cycled through a bunch of different patterns, but never came up with one that was performing even close to the 50/50. 30 of my 37 landed came on the 50/50 brass, the rest were spread out between the frog pattern, orange top, and 50/50 blue. No other patterns were hit. Speed didn't seem to matter a whole lot, but between 1.4 - 1.7 seemed best.

In the end I wound up landed 37 fish, losing a few and having just a ton of hits and misses, and kept my 5 that I will smoke up and use as sharing fish for the dog (he ain't getting smoked kokanee!) Super fun day. Lots of action, great weather, and neat scenery around that area. If you haven't been before, the lake is a small 30 acre bog lake, and there is a combustion engine restriction. I will definitely return to this lake sometime.

Video show quite a bit of the action from today.


5/6/2018 7:53:56 PM
Excellent report and enjoyable video. Never fished Riley but definitely looks like a fun lake to try. Great job out there and I see a sore shoulder in your future :)
5/6/2018 9:39:37 PM
Thanks! Yea, it's a perfect lake for your raft.
5/6/2018 8:54:09 PM
Thanks for the report, looks like a cool lake. Out of curiosity, have you fished Texas Pond before?
5/6/2018 9:50:14 PM
Thanks. It's a neat little lake. I've never fished Texas Pond before. Isn't that off the Mt Loop somewhere?
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