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Stevens Lake Report
Snohomish County, WA



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Trolling W/Downriggers
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I haven't been to Stevens since the Kokanee Derby in May, so decided to go have a look. Unfortunately, I slept right through the 4am alarm. BY the time I got my gear down on the lake, it was already 8am. For anyone that has fished Stevens, you know that is too late, and today, it sort of was.

I got my lines in the water right at 8.... 2 hours after dawn. Pretty quickly I got into 3 nice plump kokanee, then Stevens did her typical thing and thing slowed down. I could have stayed and tried to grind out my 10, but the weather started clearing and the water hooligans started to arrive, so I figured I would count myself as lucky to have missed the morning bite but still got in to fish.

I finished the morning with 6, caught at depths ranging from 50 - 70 feet down. Successful lures today were Elgin Fishing God's Tooth Spoons rigged kokanee style in yellow, pink, and 50/50. Also successful in catching the last 2 fish of the day was a 50/50 Diamond Flash Spinner. Speed was slow, 1 - 1.2 mph.

Fish are fat and plump, but they are definitely running a bit smaller this year. Fish were 13-14 inches. I was thinking they would have been 14-15 inches by now. Still nice, healthy fish.

Video shows the action today, as well as I talk a little about the importance of a kokanee rod and playing the fish to net. Kokanee are a different fish for sure.


8/13/2018 6:28:30 PM
Excellent report and video! Those fish were deep, nice job hauling them in :)
8/13/2018 7:03:18 PM
Thanks Russ! 70 feet definitely pushes the limit with only 4lb downrigger balls, but it worked :)
9/4/2018 10:17:54 PM

Question for ya....when you run your gear off the downrigger, how far back do you go before clipping to the downrigger balls? I will be trying my new setup this weekend. Thanks.

9/4/2018 10:24:08 PM
Right now, 30 feet is all. I know some are going a little shorter right now.
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