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Riffe Lake Report
Lewis County, WA



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Scattered showers with sun breaks, variable wind, some chop, water temp 67 degrees.
Put in at the dam around 10:30 am. Trolled the Swafford bay area until around 1:30. Fish were at about 80 to 100 ft. caught 5 but they were all 10-12 inches. We used downriggers and cowbells with a wedding ring chaser. At 1:30 we ran up to the top of the lake and fished the channel, lots of action only landed 2 in the 18 to 22 inch range. The flats around the channel were only 5-10 feet deep so you have to work to stay in the channel or you start weeding pretty quick! Not a huge fishing day but a good day fishing with my son and we only had 5 other boats on the water.


9/21/2018 9:10:23 AM
When you say the channel, are you talking about where the river enters the lake near Taidnapam? Really shallow in that area.
9/21/2018 10:13:01 AM
Yes it is, we pulled the engine up and used the bow troll. Have to watch the sonar and try to avoid the bars.....it is good when your kids are bored cause you can switch to bass fishing for a little more activity.... if you can stay in the channel though it about 25 to 30 ft deep and the silvers were on the line about 1 every half hour.... they were more active as well we lost a couple when they went airborne......as the sun got lower we saw a few surface feeders ...
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