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11 - Vernita Bridge to Priest Rapids Dam Report



Trolling W/Downriggers
Chinook Salmon
All Day

Sorry. This may not be a real 5 star rating. But in my personal world it was indeed a 5 start day.

After a successful trip Wednesday I was able to convince my wife to coming Saturday. We got our adult daughter to join and 2 good buddies.

Left the Cheney area about 03:00 for the trek down. 5 people in a super cab f150 allowed us all be feel like sardines maybe feeling like bait helped us secure our fish.

Got to the launch and was able to drive right down and get the boat in the water no wait.

Ran up toward Jackson creek and lowered 2 rods off down riggers and a 3rd on a dropper.

Started out a bit slow then we were on fire for a short time.

Rod goes off and my wife faught it just a bit before it unbuttoned itself. No worries just as the rod was settled back it was off again and she was hooked up nicely. So happy and proud of her. She quickly forgot about getting up at 02:00.

She was off to the winners circle under cover enjoying the heat I promised her.

We misses a couple then our daughter was hooked up solid. Her 1st salmon also. She then was off to the winners circle.

A few hits a etc and a 3rd fish was brought to the boat. A 25”. Darn it. Back it goes.
Then my buddy Ben was on a fish I look over to clear gear and I’m now fighting a double. Mine came unbuttoned and we landed Bens fish.

Now it was my buddies Jakes turn. He bought a decent but rather colored up fish with a nice fight to the boat to let swim off and do what salmon do.

Now the fish turned off. And stayed off. A few bites here and there. Short fights.

Managed to get our 3 rods and main motor wrapped up in another boats snag.

We kept at it. Missed a couple then finally run the final hr of our planned trip ( having to be home in Spokane at 17:00 I brought a Keeper to the net. (Rolled in the driveway right at 17:00 )

Gear was brought up put away. Back at the launch zero wait.

Packed back in like sardines all craving some food.

Special thanks to my good buddy Jake really helped put my wife and daughter on fish.

Put some battle scars on my prop heading out in the AM but she was already dinged buy a mysterious rock out of Keller ferry.

So I give it a 5 as this day was perfect for what we had planned.


10/7/2018 9:43:51 PM
How did they cut? I hope to head down a time or 2 more.
10/7/2018 11:01:28 PM
They were decent. Had some for dinner from the Wednesday trip. Cooked well and tasted great the way I prepared the fillets. The 2 my wife and I brought home will be going on the smoker. If they reopen after this weekends number crunching I’ll likely save the fuel costs for closer roosevelt trips myself. As we left the parking lots we waved good bye till next year with hopes of a strong run.
10/8/2018 6:00:21 AM
Looks like those new downrigger mounts are working well. Thanks for the report. Andy
10/8/2018 9:27:14 AM
It sounds like limits have been tough to get. I fished Ringold this weekend, and it was much less common to see a fish in the net or at the boat launch. So, if you caught that many fish, you did have a pretty 5-star day.
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