Salmon River (Nez Perce County) Fishing Report

We caught our first Steelhead of the season on Saturday! It was a chilly, rainy day but with our heaters on the boat it was a perfect day full of fishing and we stayed warm. We BBQ'd a delicious lunch and got back to fishing and we caught a sturgeon and a steelhead.

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10/9/2018 12:53 PM

The pictured fish appears to be a wild A-run (adipose fin intact). As you know, wild fish are to be released "unharmed." They should not be removed from the water.

10/9/2018 12:56 PM
This fish was released back into the river unharmed.
Mike Carey
10/10/2018 7:16 PM

FYI, Idaho does not have the same rule regarding taking a fish out of the water for a quick picture.

10/10/2018 9:25 PM
Thanks for clarifying Mike...different states have different laws. To help our Washington and Oregon anglers understand Idaho’s steelhead rules:
10/11/2018 4:28 AM

I am well aware of the Idaho regs. I said the fish SHOULD not be removed from the water which is beyond debate, especially in warm water conditions and later in the season when air temperatures are below freezing. Netting a fish, dragging it into a boat, passing it around for photos and then dumping over the side are harmful. Consider that last year's wild B-run above LGD totaled 350 fish to thousands of miles of pristine habitat. Give'em a break.

AJ's Dad
10/11/2018 6:55 AM
I love it when self proclaimed experts come online to tell others that are acting within the law, that they are screwing up.
Give it a break.
Mike Carey
10/13/2018 8:02 AM

take this to to forum please, not on a member's post. Thank you.