Sprague Lake (Adams County) Fishing Report

Had wonderful fishing at Sprague Lake and Rock Lake last fall (2017) on Old Goat lures. Fish averages 19-23 inches. Part-Time- You mentioned you like 12 pound Seagar STS (thick) fluorocarbon I think real well. My main line and leaders need replacing this winter. I was wondering if you are loading your whole reels with Seagar 12# fluorocarbon STS(thick), or are you using it for a short leader section only? The thick Seagar STS 12# floro. which is the stiffer stuff comes in 100 yard amounts. The medium Seagar floro. 12# thickness and thin Seagar floro. 12#thickness only come in 75 feet amounts. Was wondering if you could give me a heads up about this? Thanks Mark for your thoughts.

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12/1/2018 2:08 PM

I use braid for my main line for the most part. Here is a site with some fuoro comparisons;
I've lost some of the feeling and flexibility in my fingers and find the Red Label fairly easy to work with. My 12LB came on a 200 yd spool, don't really know anything about these other thick and thin lines you are mentioning. Just not really a very technical guy on some of this stuff. Bought the 12LB Red Label and seems to work that was the end of my research on that issue. Most important thing about any line is how much time it spends in the water, the more the better. Just get out there and get them.

12/1/2018 4:59 PM

Mark- thanks again for getting back to me. I found the red lable seagar 12 pound floro. you were talking about at Bass Pro. So I will try it this year. I also have braided on two of my levelwind reels that I will add the seagar line to it. And I am changeing out my leaders too. I have been doing quite well with 20 pound floro. leaders on my old goats, but I think it’s too heavy for them to work best. Anyway it’s fun to experiment around with what works best for you. Thanks again. Good fishing to you.

12/3/2018 9:58 AM

Denny: Thanks for putting the OG1s to work! (The 2.8" green perch OG1 has been our "go-to" lure on Rock, Roosevelt, and Sprague. There are days when other colors come close, or do better, but typically, this size and color has taken the bulk of our 'bows.)