Gillette Lake (Stevens County) Fishing Report

We stayed Friday night at the lake. Nice little cabin with good dry wood which heated the cabin up real quick. Fishing was decent, landed 4 trout and 2 perch.

Story time: Kid was itching to get out on the ice after we got settled in around 1830. So we did some night time scouting. Unload and load up the sled. Make the 2 minute walk to the lake, find a suitable spot to drill a hole. Turns out I forgot the auger. Great, luckily I brought the axe in case I couldn't find any other pre drilled holes. After some looking l, find a hole, break up the thin ice with the boot. Drop my deucer down the hole, 60' bottom, with the 56-48ish ft area lit up like crazy. SWEET! Drop my spoon down with high Hope's that I slam the perch. Nada. Try a few more holes a little shallower, Nada. Pack up try it again in the morning.

0730 back out on the ice, first one out there, try the shallows by the docks to the left of the launch. 10fow and jig for a bit. Little mark come along and gets interested, miss bite one. But hook up with bite 2. A 12" rainbow, beautiful fish, pack up and I walk to the inlet and try my luck there in some weeds for the perch. Again no auger, so I axe a hole and try. Nada. Wall back to the launch and try out front again. Go to the same hole I was at last night. Drop it down, flasher screen was the same as earlier. Huh, ok. Turn Hunker down and jig around and chase marks as they appear on the flasher, anywhere between 2ft down and 45ft down. Each kid landed a trout, for a 4 trout total kept, lost 2 at the hole and 1 more got released to swim some more . Mainly jig around till you get a bite. The 2 perch were suspended like the trout were. Strange lake, just gotta spend more time there is all.

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