Sammamish Lake (King County) Fishing Report

My fishing partner and I slept in this morning. We didn't enter the lake until around 11:00 AM. We fished until 3:30 PM. That's the latest we have ever fished the lake. There seemed to be 2 distinct biting periods while we were on the lake. It was an ideal weather day this afternoon with partly cloudy to partly sunny weather with very light if any wind. In 4 hours of actual fishing time mostly in the north half of the lake on the east and west sides in 70 to 85 feet of water, we caught and released 8 Cutthroat, 12 to 16 inches (one appeared to be a post spawner) and 2 fin clipped Coho of about 14 inches each. That was our first encounter this winter season with fin clipped Coho - quite a surprise for us. We also had an encounter with what appeared to be from all the spots seen on its back and tail a very nice sized Chinook of about 18 inches which came loose just before it was netted. That fish really gave my partner a tussle ripping line off his reel which is not that typical for that sized Cutthroat. We also had several good strikes and misses during our time on the water. This was our 7th outing on the lake in recent months. It was by far the most fun. My partner and I strictly catch and release all the fish we encounter when we fish Lake Sammamish. We are in our mid to late 70's and have caught more fish in our time than we deserve. We would like to encourage others that fish the lake to do the same or at the very least take home what can be eaten immediately and not to stock pile them.. In this way, others can enjoy the same fishery. We caught our fish today using down riggers set between 25 and 40 feet with about 70 yards of mono behind our boat . We had the best luck using a 4 1/2 inch sling blade, nickel plated one side and multi-faceted silver on the other side in combination with a half and half nickel/gold God's tooth. We saw good numbers of birds on the lake today feeding on a bug hatch.

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1/8/2019 9:06 PM

Thanks for the nice comment on my report and thanks for this detailed report too. Glad you had an enjoyable and successful outing on the lake! Really appreciative that you gave the God's Tooth a workout! :-)

Boston Whaler
1/8/2019 9:17 PM

Thanks for the report, how fast were you trolling?

1/9/2019 8:03 PM
Boston Whaler:
In response to your question about our trolling speed with the God's Tooth lure, we stayed in the range of 1.5 to 1.8 MPH in the lure configuration that has the hook attached to the "wide" end of the lure. That is the "fast wiggle" set up. I can only say I'm a huge believer at this point in the God's Tooth lure. Its every bit or more as good as advertised. Although we set our line depth on the down riggers between 25 and 40 feet, it seemed like we had the best luck this past Monday around 25 to 30 feet as that's where most of the fish were showing up on the fish finder. Once we began seeing fish on the Lowrance, we marked those spots and then trolled through them over and over again which proved to be very effective with the God's Tooth Lure.
1/9/2019 5:18 AM

Great day! Glad one came around after all those other trips. When were those two distinct feeding periods? Was 2-3 one of them?

1/9/2019 8:38 PM
To answer your question, we experienced our best bite late in our fishing day this past Monday. We had to stop fishing and head back to the dock site at 3:00 PM from the north half of the lake just when the fishing got really exciting using the God's Tooth lure. So yes, the best bite period was in the neighborhood of 2:00 to 3:00 PM. We wanted to fish longer on the lake, however we were bound by prior obligations.