Sammamish Lake (King County) Fishing Report

Not my best day of fishing but I learned a few new things. Since it is a new year, I thought it was time to try other areas and other equipment. I mounted out-drive stabilizer fins on my 8hp extra-long shaft kicker motor for longer runs on the lake. Thought I would troll with this also. Previously without the fins, it was a joke with the bow way up in the air. The boat planed beautifully with the new fins but would not troll below 1.8mph. I was able to reduce the speed to 1.5-1.8mph by zigzagging the boat. I tried out a new/used Scotty 1060 manual downrigger for the first time. I found that 2’/revolution was recklessly fast deployment! This was complicated by the outboard motor abruptly turning the boat every time I took a hand off the tiller! Ok. Finally fishing… Last year I went straight to the weather buoy, circled it, then headed north. I always caught fish. Armed with home made wedding rings, gods tooth lures and worms for tipping. I decided to fish the south end near the creek, south cove and the sunken forest. Unfortunately, I rarely saw a fish on the finder. There were a few near the creek. None in south cove. Maybe I didn’t go in shallow enough…? Interesting group of buoys just out of the cove and a large group of birds there, but I did not dare troll through for risk of a snag. There appeared to be a few spots in the sunken forest with large schools in session. Would be fun to jig there another time. I finally made it to the weather buoy where seagulls and boats were plentiful. Saw some fish at 30 and 60’ but ran out of time to secure any. Happy Fishing!

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1/30/2019 12:24 AM

Hopefully youve found the steering tension adjustment on your outboard. Usually a screw or bolt threaded into the steering pivot/hinge. Tighten it up to keep the motor from flopping around. The scotty downrigger brakes take a little getting used to. My dad likes to used the handle to force the spool around backwards to lower his gear more controllably. Just have to keep the brake a little loose. BTW... Make sure to check the brake tension, a snagged downrigger ball can damage or capsize a small boat easily. Under the cover, use the emergency handle/wrench to loosen the 9/16 nut until 20-30 lbs tension bareiy pulls cable out, either with a weight or fish scale. Good luck!

1/30/2019 6:28 PM
Thanks Sideburns for the useful tips. I will make some adjustments before I head out again.
angry perch
1/30/2019 8:42 AM

1.8 is really slow for Sammamish.

angry perch
1/30/2019 10:18 AM
I generally shoot for 3mph
1/30/2019 6:34 PM
Oh now come-on Angey perch. I have consistently caught cutthroat on Sammamish at 1.7mph and I read the reports. No wonder those perch are so angry! Ha ha. If you are serious about the 3mph, What fish and how often are you catching?
1/30/2019 12:31 PM

Ha! I'm pretty sure I saw you out there near the weather buoy. The funny thing was that, even though we've never met, as I was paddling by you (if it was you) in my kayak I thought, "from the pics I've seen that guy reminds me of FishingTenor." Not too many guys wear full face protection. Were you in a 10' or 12' aluminum boat out at the weather station around 12-1pm? I was in a nondescript olive colored kayak (paddle powered). But, there were quite a few kayaks/boats out that day so wouldn't expect you to remember that one. I hooked one fish (lost it) trolling about 15' deep. That was my first time out at the weather station. It's a long paddle out and back from the park!

1/30/2019 6:47 PM
Hi BentRod, I am sure we have seen each other a few times. I am always jealous of you guys in the kayak. So close to the water and being self propelled is really cool. I will give you a tow next time. That is a ways to the bouy by kayak. Until we meet again...
1/31/2019 8:33 AM
Don't be too jealous! The kayak has it's perks, but also has it's limitations. I'd take you up on that tow! :)
Hope to run into you again sometime, I'll know to give a shout out.