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Ketchum Lake Report
Snohomish County, WA



61° - 65°
Rainbow Trout
56° - 60°

Loaded up the Hobie and headed for Ketchum just to enjoy the beautiful day on Saturday. After a little bit of exploring different depths, it became apparent that flatlining with no weight was all that was needed this day. I spent about 2 1/2 hours on the lake, landed around 30 fish and probably had 50-60 in total hit my lines.

Played around with the new Elgin Fishing God's Tooth Spoon patterns this day. Pretty quickly was able to dial into the red/white stripe and the hammered copper spoon. When the surface was calm, they seemed to hit the re/white more often. When the wind kicked up a little, the hammered copper did a little better. To end my day I threw on a frog pattern, and it did well also.

What a great early spring day it was to spend a little time out on the lake!


3/31/2019 2:24:01 PM
Congrats on an awesome outing and love the video!!! Glad to see the new spoon patterns doing some damage :-)
3/31/2019 8:48:59 PM
Thanks Russ!
3/31/2019 5:18:26 PM
What a great name for a Lake! You proved that they did a good job of that also! Great Day!
3/31/2019 8:49:50 PM
Yea was able to catch-um this day :)
The Quadfather
3/31/2019 9:53:02 PM
Congrats on the new role with the Hobie team, and Camano Marine sponsorship. The kayak looks great!
Looks like maybe you’re rockin’ a new 5-7” sonar, and the bow mount storage bag. I’ll look forward to another season of great videos/reports.
3/31/2019 10:20:13 PM
Thanks! I am really impressed with the 2019 model and the new drive. I actually have to be really careful with my speed, it's so much smoother than my old 2015 model. I didn't use the bag this day, released everything, but I can't wait to fill it up with some kokanee this year. Yea the sonar is the 7 inch Hook2.
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