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Green Lake Report
King County, WA



61° - 65°
Bottom Fishing From Shore
Rainbow Trout
Power Bait
Hook & Bait

I'm back again, with another report about Green Lake! As you know, I had fished this spot JUST the day before and wrote a report about the bait, temp, bite consistency etc.. I felt the need to write another report for those who are truly seeking out stocked Rainbow Trout in Green Lake (it's absolutely amazing).

As we all know, you can catch copious varieties of fish species at Green Lake; everything from a Rock Bass (Green Sunfish) to some greater-sized, carp and catfish.

It takes a lot for me to really feel compelled enough to write a review that I believe will help out other fishers (in fact, I made this account after following NWFR for months anon, JUST to write a review about this spot at Green Lake). I often times seen people standing right next to me, either VERY frustrated, or VERY curious (asking what kinds of fish are in the lake). I believe it's time to start sharing "THE SPOT".

My setup: medium-light ugly stik, 6lb test with 2lb leader. (Everyone makes fun of me for this next bit) I use a hefty sliding weight, tie a swivel to my main line and then connect it to another swivel that is attached to my leader (to paint a picture, it's two swivels in a hug) next I tie an 8-10 hook. I slide a pink-sparkly-garlic-scented-powerbait-egg up the line, encase the hook in a rounded off chartreuse-powerbait-dough-ball, slide the pink egg back down right next to the dough, and then cast out as FAR as I can.

This is my setup, and I literally cannot set my pole in a holder for a second without a bite. I was next to a man and his wife and kids, who where not catching anything...but were SO excited to see me catch fish. IT WORKS. Idk why, but I learned it by spending over 6 hours on the lake one day trying out different "recipes".

THE CATCH: I caught two eating trout on Sunday but had SO many more bites that were human error get-aways (tried a new knot I wasn't used to). I also had a huge carp that snapped my line as soon as I got him close enough to where I could see what it was I was fighting and vice versa.

Tight Lines my friends!


5/15/2019 8:47:24 AM
This sounds like a very effective rig. How long is your leader? If you switched to a Fluorocarbon leader of greater test strength you might have a better chance of landing a big carp or catfish. But, then why mess with success. Good job.
5/15/2019 12:18:27 PM
Great report!!!
Ben Eggertsen
5/20/2019 10:41:08 AM
Very helpful report! Thanks.
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Available Fishing Guide:
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