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Baker Lake Report
Whatcom County, WA



61° - 65°
Sockeye Salmon
All Day

By divine good luck I manager to get a Saturday free to hit Baker lake for sockeye. Pretty excited, I was joined by Randy Rausher and we headed up Friday afternoon, leaving early enough to avoid the major traffic. That said, it still took 2 ½ hours to drive the 110 miles from my house, way too long! We managed to get the boat on the water in order to fish the evening bite before anchoring up the boat for the night and meeting Barry Dubnow Saturday morning to join us.

Friday evening conditions were pretty calm so we ran from Panorama Point to the dam and then fished back heading north. It was pretty quiet at the dam, marked a few fish. Mid lake we found a spot that was holding more fish. We saw one boat catch a couple but no luck for us.

We fished standard sockeye gear this trip, focusing on 25-50 feet deep water. We ran four rods Friday evening and six rods Saturday, running two planer boards which worked out very well.

We anchored up the boat across from the Swift Creek boat launch - a mistake I won’t do again, being awakened at 4am to way too many anxious anglers…

Barry showed up on time (thank you Barry) and we were off and fishing at 5am. From then until 12:30 we threw everything we had at them. We saw fish caught, not in great numbers but good enough to keep our hopes up. Alas, it was not our day. Not one solid bite all day, ouch.

I will say, Randy and Barry are first rate fishing buddies, into the sport and possessing a dedication to the craft which I really appreciate. Nice fishing with you guys, we’ll get em next time!


7/14/2019 9:29:56 PM
It was a great time for sure in spite of the results. Great fishing with Mike and Barry. It just wasnt our day.
7/15/2019 10:15:29 AM
I fished Baker Wed. from 11 am to 4 pm and Thur. 6:30 am to 3;30pm (late start due to monsoon like rain)!
A few fish being caught by others as late 2 PM using smaller Kokanee type flashers. I ran Koke gear on one rod and standard Baker lake style flasher on the other both rigs baited sand shrimp or coonstripe and numerous known to produce scents (also tried no sent). I experimented with leader lengths 10 to 14" with floral carbon line. Ran leaf style flashers of down rigger ball. No fish for me this trip but a few boats at the Swift Creek dock manage to get between 1 and 6 fish. most reported willing biters were found at 30 to 47 FOW. I am wondering if anyone has recently fished bare red hooks behind a flasher in Baker? Bare red hooks and flasher produced fish a few years ago.
7/15/2019 11:02:18 AM
Well Mike hate to say it but your boat of experience getting skunked makes my two day skunk not feel quite as bad, I guess.....what's going on complete lockjaw. I really believe just not fish yet to make a decent fishery. Saw 0, yes 0 nets out Sat 530am-11. Sun same story except midmorning saw one boat 75 yds away go 2-3 in 10-15 min. Found a nice honey hole there. As far as bare red hooks I did try for awhile but had pink cured shrimp on as well. I also tried a smaller dodger, not 4/0 out the back with 2oz and had 1-2 hits, we think. Back to the guy with the 3. They were not off downrigger but looked like a 3oz cannonball.
7/15/2019 12:05:01 PM
Well, I hate to rub salt in the wound, but my son and I actually did alright at Baker fishing Friday-Sunday, using the same kind of gear that worked in past years. Just posted a report about it.
7/15/2019 5:48:10 PM
Where would that report be Soni can check it out? Thanks for the post
7/15/2019 7:20:02 PM
Maybe your the one we saw catch a couple.
7/16/2019 3:28:55 PM
The report is up now (took a little while to get approval)
7/16/2019 4:39:29 PM
Tightlines68, could be. My son and I were in a Klamath with a blue canopy fishing near Horseshoe Cove
7/16/2019 6:17:11 PM
Thanks Mike and Randy! It was an absolute blast fishing with you guys and even though we weren't rewarded with any fish, the time spent getting to know one another better can't be beat! You too both are top notch fisherman as well and was fun trying out our different presentations to try and entice those finicky sockeye- was happy Mike that we were able to deploy your side planers to keep you inner peace zen intact for the day! Thanks for the invite and lets 'hook up' again some day!
Fish Dawg
7/16/2019 6:19:20 PM
Good to see you out there guys! Get em next time.
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