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Pend Orielle River Report
Pend Oreille County, WA



Smallmouth Bass
All Day

Caught a few everytime out but the numbers seem to be low compared to previous years. Did catch and released a beautiful 3.2 lbs. that fell for a dark green curlytail grub that I removed most of the tail to mimic hellgrammites or whatever aquatic bugs they've been feeding on. Green senko fished wacky style also has been working along with crayfish baits. The water is 71 degrees and elevation is still dropping down to 2032 ft at Cusick. There's a good crop of weeds this summer which is usual with a weak spring run off. No pike or trout so far but a few crappie and perch. Did net a jumbo crayfish that was a little too large for bait but with some more that size would make a great boil!


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