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I fished both Saturday and Sunday in Montana with a friend. Noxon reservoir was a bust on Saturday as we both got skunked. There was a big bass tourney going on, water temps were in the 70's and having only fished there once before, we did a lot of exploring, with only a handful of bites where we didn't see what type of fish was biting, bass, or pike. Sunday we moved on to Cabinet Mountain reservoir and had better results. I released 8 pike and a small mouth while my fishing partner released one more pike. Largest fish was 30" and weighed 8 1/2 pounds. I did have a nice fish that appeared to be in the 12 pound or so range, rush in on the bait only to turn away at the boat. It's always fun exploring new water but obviously more fun when you find them. It will take a few more trips to get more good locations dialed in but they are there and seem to be willing to bite, even in the warmer weather and water temps. I'm looking forward to going back in September to see if the fall bite is better and if I can find some quality fish. All fish were caught on bright colored spinner baits. Water temps went from 68 to 73 in both waters. The fish we found were in about 6 feet of water in weed cover.


Mike Carey
8/2/2019 8:47:47 PM
Montana is great! See my Pishkun report, another reservoir to put on your list!
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