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Area 10 Seattle - Bremerton Report



61° - 65°
Chinook Salmon
Herring Strips

Well Day 2 fishing with my son Matt and wife JoAnn. We launched 6am out of Edmonds sling and decided to stay close to home looking for quantity of salmon rather than a home run chinook.

Lines in the water at 6:30 off the oil docks, starting our troll north with the outgoing tide. Calm conditions, cloudy, but no rain. A perfect fishing morning. Starboard rod was set up for chinook, a flasher and spoon run off the bottom to deep suspended. Port rod set up with flasher, hoochie, and herring strip, run medium depths, 60-90 feet. Center rod, a Deep 6 with small white flasher and pink hoochie, and a herring strip.

It didn't take too long and we got our first action, from the starboard rod. Matt grabbed the rod and felt the tug of a strong fish, pulling off line. Not as big as yesterday's fish and after a few good runs the fish came to the side of the boat. No fin and 22.5 inches, a keeper chinook to start the day!

After that the deep rod and the Deep 6 rod traded fish, back and forth. All the rest of our fish were pinks and we were done by 8:30. Three pinks on the Deep 6 and two pinks down deep - 90 and 110 feet deep on the chinook gear.

Trolling speed around 2.3 into the tide, 2.8 with the tide. Equal fish both directions.

Pretty much lights out fishing right now is what I'm seeing in area 10. Good chinook action and the pinks have arrived for those that want them. Had a great (if quick) morning of fishing with Matt and JoAnn!


8/11/2019 9:13:18 PM
Great for your son. Did area 9 reopen for kings this weekend? Or just area 10 and 8-2 Bubble
Mike Carey
8/12/2019 6:23:33 AM
Area 9 is still closed for kings I believe
8/12/2019 10:08:56 AM
Thanks Mike, sure enjoyed watching ya play that sturgeon in Hells canyon!

Know if the silvers, pinks are showing in Edmonds of area 9 or just area 10?
8/12/2019 11:35:07 AM
Thanks for the valuable info! How many feet you let out the deep six rod? I always find it hard to go deep with all the drag the flasher has...
Mike Carey
8/12/2019 7:07:12 PM
I use the smaller 7" flasher. On this trip we only ran it back 40 feet. I have run it back to 60 feet though. Much farther and you'll have issues with the downrigger lines tanging up.
8/14/2019 10:48:38 AM
Thanks a lot Mike! I think the smaller flasher might be the thing I need to try.
8/19/2019 3:02:53 PM
Congrats on another fine trip on the water!
8/28/2019 10:05:38 AM
Go EAGS... Sorry Matt nice fish though .. Hahaa a
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