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Area 10 Seattle - Bremerton Report




Well, the MA 10 reports are coming in, so I had to get out there.

My son is home from college for a short bit. I have always regretted that we didn’t fish more when he was growing up, so I requested his company in the boat. He, I, and a friend, launched at Shilshole about 0700. Launch was light traffic, and quickly in.

We fished between the cans, back and forth. Everybody was clustered at Meadow Point, not us. 15 min in, and my son’s rod goes off. This was the perfect experience and time together. He has never caught anything beyond a few flounder or trout.
1st fish was a nice Pink. He caught his limit quickly, as well as lost 3 others along the way.

Our other guest was a new fishing friend, Aaron. Aaron lost 3 fish, but gets an ‘A’ for enthusiasm and effort. One got tangled in the DR line. (My bad) Both guys 1st time catching salmon. Myself, I didn’t even fish. I was just having fun chasing DR balls, tying gear, etc.

Fish came on Purple Haze flasher, and Green Gibbs flasher, with purple hootchies, and brined herring tails. 45’ on the braid, 175-300’ of water. Right in front of the breaker wall, and Meadow Point.

This is easy pickings/fishing. All boats I saw were bringing in fish.

In the 1st pic. What you are looking at is what I think may be called the skeg? On the very bottom of the lower unit, on my brand new Suzuki 40 horse motor. Right as I was pulling out of driveway, tjere is a 6” drop from driveway on to earth.
I forgot to trim the motor up, and when trailer dropped, the lower unit hit concrete hard!
It broke a piece off, but mostly it is still functional looking. I was aghast with myself for my stupidity. Not sure what can be done? I think they would have to replace a rather large piece of the whole lower unit skin/housing. Dangs!!


8/12/2019 6:46:25 AM
Yep, that's the skeg and it can be repaired. Might check with your Suzuki dealer since your engine is under warranty. Don't want a denial in the event you have a problem with lower unit.

Good on you getting out with your son and putting fish in the boat!! :-)
8/12/2019 9:33:20 AM
Good trip on the salt Chris. Definitely that it in to your dealer and get it documented and checked out.
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