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Area 5 Sekiu and Pillar Point Report



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Pulled the boat over to Mason's Resort on Wednesday; put the boat in the water that night and got our gear ready. Departed the dock just as the sun was coming up.

We started trolling the fluoro-green chartreuse OG2s in 3.9" and 5". (These lures had been very effective a year ago for the coho.) But, the fish weren't responding.

In May, a skipper in Alaska (Dave D.) had emailed me and asked if I could paint a couple of 3.9" lure bodies for him. He wanted to try them in his commercial salmon-trolling operation. When I was out at the paint bench, I decided to paint up 60 of these lure bodies. Figured if the color worked in Alaska, it might work in the Pacific Northwest as well. Since I had several of these lures, I tied one on. Wow! That color produced all of our fish: two kings, two pinks, and multiple wild coho.

We fished the 3.9" version of the fluoro-green/orange OG2 behind a 10" Big Al's fish flash. We fished a 5" version of this same color solo.

We were trolling 25 feet behind the boat with anywhere from 30 to 60 feet on the cable. And, we were trolling fairly fast when we took the pinks and coho (better than a 45-degree angle in the downrigger cable). But, slower (apx. 45 degrees) for the kings.

We took the pinks and coho in the morning out in deeper water (200 to 300 feet). We took the kings in close to the kelp near the caves in 30 to 50 feet of water.

In addition, we were testing a new underwater Sypdro camera. Interesting footage taken right next to the boat (before we'd clipped into the downrigger.) See the following video for this footage and other highlights:

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Available Guide

Available Fishing Guide:
Website: Jones Sportfishing

Phone: (208) 861-0654