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Sammamish Lake Report
King County, WA



Bottom Fishing From Boat
Smallmouth Bass
Mostly Sunny
71° - 75°

Not a bad day out on the water. Arrive late morning. Made a couple of laps around the lake to complete break-in. Once I saw the motor hit 2 hrs, I went WOT for a min.

Also finished wiring up my bow unit. I was fascinated by the system. Amazing. I was watching fish instead of fishing for about 30 mins lol.
I also had to test out my transom transducer. I have it mounted but am having a hard time running it to the console. Might have to take it into a shop to save frustration. Anyways, I ghetto-rigged it and success. Transducer does work. It also stays in place. Was worry about it holding due to the new mounting setup I was using.

Alright, back to business. Tied up 5 rods. Swimbait, dropshot, jerkbait, wacky, and a tube.

Started with the jerkbait. 1st cast, fish on! But just a large perch. 2nd cast, fish on! Another perch. Landed a 3rd perch in very short order, so I decided to move elsewhere. I saw multiple markings in about 30' and it drops off quickly right after that spot, so I guess call it a ledge?
Circled back. Pitched the dropshot out. 1st cast and feel it get heavy when it got to the bottom. Set the hook and it doesnt feel like a perch! It comes up and I see it's a long and skinny SMB. Very skinny as you can see. Guessing maybe 1.25# in it's current condition. Pitched the DS back and fish on! Woot, back to back. This one is much chunkier, so I decided to weigh it. 2.26# Nice. A couple more casts into the same spot and landed 1 more SMB in the 2# range.

Boated across the lake and started tossing the wacky around and under some docks. 2nd cast in and pull out a feisty rock bass. Continue along the weedline with the jerkbait and swimbait with a couple more dink SMB.

I saw a single marking at a honey hole so I tossed the DS down. Feel the bite and oh yeah, this one definitely feeds good. It's comes up, then goes back down ripping some drag. I get it back up and it looks like the biggest one today. I see it spit out some baitfish. Then wrangled it into the net. Nice and fat. This fish is feeding big time. 2.91#. That was the only fish there.

I went across the lake and started tossing the wacky underneath some rocky and deeper docks. Caught a few more dink SMB and called it quits.

Handful of perch. 1 rockbass. 6 dink SMB. 3 SMB over 2#.

Pretty good day on the water.


9/5/2019 6:05:29 PM
We've all been missing your reports! Welcome back. New boat looks nice! Did you get the Livescope system? Nice day on Sammamish!
9/5/2019 9:13:32 PM
Thanks! Yeah, I went all Garmin this time with the Livescope system. In my 2 days of playing with it, the Livescope is as amazing as everybody claims it to be. Will it help me catch more fish? Meh, who knows lol.

But I will say, I'm not a fan of the mapping on the Garmin units yet. I even have the Ultra HD chip too. Maybe I'll learn to like it. There are some quirks. Use to use Navionics. Depths were more accurate. Shading works properly.
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