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Humptulips River Report
Grays Harbor County, WA



Coho Salmon
All Day

Coho fishing on central Washington coast rivers (Queets,Humptulips,Clearwater) has been picking up for us lately, with some very new fish being caught. We’ve mainly been twitching 1/2 ounce marabou jigs in darker patterns, but a few fish have also come to the net via back-trolled plugs, squid skirted spinners and bait. As weather conditions allow, I’d expect coho fishing in this area to be strong well into Thanksgiving and beyond. One thing I would stress is that even if you don’t see fish jumping where you are fishing, its worth spending a little extra time as these fish are commuting from so close to the salt water that you might just run into a few cruising by, good luck out there everyone!

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10/21/2019 12:35:35 PM
Thanks you the report. Is the run late or small or both?
10/21/2019 3:46:08 PM
The Hump actually has an early and late run of coho, and in my experience the late run are larger fish. I’ve never known the Queets to have an actual ‘A’ and ‘B’ run of silvers; it seems like it’s more of ‘slow drip’ of coho throughout fall.
10/21/2019 6:32:05 PM
Great to hear the fishing has been picking up out there. Any particular reason why you like the 1/2oz vs. 3/8oz in those twitchin jigs? Faster sink rate? More versatile for higher flows?

Great tip about casting to those non-jumping fish too...I've been fishing a lot of eggs and when I can't get bit on eggs been tossing some spinners...Not long after swinging a spinner through a run lo and behold the silvers make themselves known jumping and hitting my spinners. Had lots of drive by's and an occasional hookup that way :)
10/21/2019 7:58:40 PM
Yeah it’s amazing what throwing hardware can do for ya haha! I use 1/2 ounce jigs probably 90% of the time; I just feel like I’m typically fishing deeper spots so yeah the faster sink rate is a plus and I think the extra weight adds extra speed to the downward motion of the jig which may trigger more strikes.
10/22/2019 12:01:37 PM
Makes perfect sense. They do seem to like a rapid drop.

I've noticed that fishing my sliding bobber setups...

I often run a little heavier than I need to in order to get it down fast at the top of a run, fast current, etc...Quite often as soon as the line hits the water, the bobber goes down before I even have a chance to reel all the slack, mend and proper orientate the float!

Thanks and tight lines!
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Available Guide

Available Fishing Guide:
Website: Black Star Fishing Co.

Phone: (206) 351-3749