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Cavanaugh Lake Report
Skagit County, WA



46° - 50°
41° - 45°

Well, once I heard the fishing was going to be shut down by midnight that day. My wife looked at me and said, you better get your butt going.

I was like, kid with a jet pack on my back. Vroom!

So I hooked up the boat and booked it to my fav lake. I only had 20 minutes or so to spare. But I was like, I'm doing this.

I trolled at 1.0 speed, drop my downriggers at 30' to 32' feet deep with setbacks at 50'.
I used Soldier Soul shrimp lures Purple and yellow/orange.

Sure I caught 2 Cutts and 2 kokanees for total of 4 fish. But in 20 minutes that's pretty good to me for being solo in the wind. ;)

Made a quick youtube video below. I'm glad I got out there before all the drama.



3/26/2020 5:54:16 PM
Fresh fish under quarantine priceless...
3/26/2020 9:26:19 PM
Yup...fun day.
3/26/2020 5:54:18 PM
3/26/2020 5:54:32 PM
3/27/2020 6:47:51 AM
FYI - WDFW closed all sport fishing state wide effective midnight March 25th - https://wdfw.wa.gov/about/covid-19-updates

"Fishing and Shellfishing

Fishing and shellfishing seasons: Beginning at midnight March 25 and lasting until at least 5 p.m. on April 8, WDFW is closing recreational fishing and shellfishing statewide in response to the governor’s order to ‘Stay Home, Stay Healthy’ and limit the spread of coronavirus.
Razor clams: Planned razor clam digs have been cancelled until further notice.
Catch record cards: Return via mail or hold onto them until you are safe to drop off.
Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) Check Stations: AIS check stations are still active, and WDFW staff are inspecting watercraft for invasive species."
3/27/2020 9:11:51 AM
All the boat ramps are closed so are idaho ramps, stay home !
3/28/2020 12:25:11 AM
Yup, will do
4/23/2020 5:23:49 PM
you're an idiot
4/23/2020 5:24:10 PM
4/20/2020 10:46:59 AM
Hi. I'm a fellow fisherman. I watched your video about how to make up corn for Kokanee fishing recently. I enjoyed it a lot. I have been trying to buy a jar of Berkley Power Bate Sparkle Nibbles in the dark red color you mentioned, but I can't find any store that carries them. Can you tell me where you can purchase them. Thank you. Much appreciated. Denny
4/20/2020 10:56:56 AM
Thank you for the feedback. Well, as right now just Amazon for Berkley Power Bate Sparkle Nibbles. Until all changes and open up. But I've found it in Cabela's, and Walmart too, few times. But here a link to order if that helps for Amazon. I hope that helps. :)

4/26/2020 9:53:00 PM
Jeff: Thanks for responding back on the crappie sparkle nibbles. I also was wondering about the Fire Brine Dye you add at the end of your video. Do you use the orange color Fire Brine Dye with the orange colored corn? And do you use a red colored Fire Brine Dye with the pink colored corn. Or can you use the orange color Fire Brine Dye on both colors of corn? Thanks Jeff. Denny
5/8/2020 8:45:07 AM
I just keep it simple. Orange recipe with Orange dye for that corn mix. Same with the pink corn with the red dye.
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