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18 - Lake Roosevelt South End to Spokane Confluence Report



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Went with Glenn to the Arm. We took advantage of having the day off for Veterans Day. Glenn and I are both retired military and want to say thank you to all of the other veterans out there. We are truly the 1%. We put a serious hurt on the walleyes and burbot today. We could have easily had a 32 fish limit of eyes by 0930 but after putting 25 in the livewell in about an hour we decided to goof off. We moved around and tried to see what else we could get the eyes to hit. For the day, we caught over 50 eyes and a dozen burbot. We cleaned our limit of eyes and 8 burbot. It was an odd feeling releasing 15 eyes between 16 and 18 inches. A firetiger blade bait was the overall most productive lure. We only saw 3 other boats all day and they appeared to be trolling for trout. The weather wasn't bad and there was almost no wind. A missed opportunity for anyone who hesitated to get out today. It's okay though, Glenn and I caught them for you !


11/11/2023 4:49:14 AM
Great report Mark! Thank you and Glen for your service. Yesterday was the first Friday my buddy Mark and I haven’t been on the arm, it sounds like we missed a great opportunity.
Peter Lorge
11/11/2023 6:37:06 AM
NICE! thank you for your service!
11/16/2023 1:27:30 PM
Thank you for your guys' service Mark and ty for the latest report and congrats on another great day on Rosey!
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